A Reminder

These are hard times. We have a global climate crisis, a global health crisis, rising authoritarianism and cruelty. Simply reading the daily news can be a real challenge to our mental health and well being.

All of this is true. You struggle with it. I struggle with it.

And yet: look out the window.

Above, the short-wavelength light scatters through the atmosphere to create a blue vault dancing with white, ever-changing clouds, bringing the rain that is life.

Below, the green things, breathing our waste carbon and turning the light of the Sacred Sun into the sugar that will feed, eventually, nearly everything on Earth.

Flitting birds: adventurers across thousands of miles of arduous migration as a simple routine of their lives. The many forms of miraculous life.

The good, good Earth.

We have come so far, you and I, from the ocean depths to land, to what was Africa, stepping down from trees to the ground, brains growing, making tools, and on, dreaming, and on, imagining, and out, to the Moon and into space.

We are the most amazing marvels we are aware of, anywhere in the Universe.

Do not forget the glory. Do not forget the wonder.

Do not forget the generous blessing of the air that fills our lungs with each breath. Nor the magic of the cycles of water than keep us alive. The magnetosphere and ionosphere that shield us from harsh radiation, sheltering a balmy, temperate little bubble within which we can live.

Yes, these times are hard. That is very true.

But this is LIFE: the Big Show! The Great Adventure! A precious, too-brief one-way tour through the spectacular glories of the world.

And we are here in a time when we can see so much, can learn so much about this amazing phenomenon of which we are a part: the Universe.

Too soon, we are folded back into the fabric of nature.

Look for the wonder, folks. Seize the joy.

Don’t forget that they are always there, even now.

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