A Sussex Heritage Walk & an Anglo-Saxon Burial Site

The street sign to the right allegedly marks the site of an ancient burial ground – at least according to a heritage walk around Upperton published by The Eastbourne Society. The leaflet with the details of the self-guided walk said a housing estate had been built on a former archaelogical excavation site, with road names including Saxon Ground and Norman Croft suggesting the remains found there. 
After I got back from the walk I did a bit of research online and discovered that wasn’t quite true. The Anglo-Saxon cemetery, where prehistoric remains were also found, is actually a scheduled monument. If I’d walked around to the other side of the housing estate I’d have seen a green mound where the ancient dead still hopefully rest in peace. I’m pleased about that. I didn’t feel comfortable about homes being built over ancient graves. 
The photo at the top shows Aroma Cafe, where I stopped for an excellent lunch and which has an interesting history. The building dates to the early 1800s and the interior still has a lot of regency decoration. One of its former residents was famous in the town as a fortune teller.
You can see some of my other pictures in the collage below. Officially from the heritage walk are an unusual flint tower which was probably a grain store,  a former ironworks, and a mill stone set into a wall. I also enjoyed popping into a quirky shop called Bluebell Dreams and photographed a strange plaster head on the wall of a house.

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