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Astrology for Spring Equinox 2022

Just recently, we saw a lovely full Moon in Virgo, with the Sun in Pisces. Yes, I know, pre-Eostara. However, that ties into other things going on which are pretty big this period. As you can see in the chart, Neptune and Jupiter are running very close together. In fact, by April 12th, they are conjunct! The exciting part about this is that they both rule Pisces, the sign they meet up in! That’s a fairly rare occurrence, happening only about every 166 years. Last time was 1856. The feeling will be very Piscean with dreams of inspiration and insight and expansiveness. Also, the Lunar Nodes are very much on the Ascendant Descendant axis. This is point in time synced Karmically to right now, moving into the future.

Also in the news, Venus and Mars are moving into conjunction in Aquarius and squaring Uranus, looking for an intense meeting with something out of the norm.

Also, something else of note: for this period from now through almost Beltane, Pluto being the one exception and that’s only on April 29 onwards, all planets are in direct motion! Not unheard of but then again, we don’t often see this.

Astrologically, Eostara begins on March 20, 9:33:36 AM MDT.

And to add to your enjoyment of Spring, give a read and a listen to what has become a classic in the Pagan music repertoire, Spring is Returning by Pagan Song blogger Ariana Lightningstorm. Which of these six dancing spring Goddesses in the song do you think fits best for your Zodiac sign or your horoscope below? Let us know what you think in the comments. The Crow Women use the song in their circle’s Ostara ritual. Learn all about it, with ritual instructions, a Persephone play and many more spring equinox songs, in this article.

Persephone with buds of green was dreaming from the underworld
Her dreams become the warm winds as we start to wake the spring

Let’s all get up and dance and sing
For spring is returning, spring is returning
All get up and dance and sing
For spring is returning now

Come with the star and moon’s bright light, our Eostara grace the night
Descending to the earth once more on equal day and night

With cloak of rain and scent of dew our Kore is returning, too
To bring the plants new verdant life and creatures will to grow

Oh, Cerridwen with cauldron grey on equal night and equal day
Becomes a maiden, laughing, gay to celebrate the spring

Parvati Shakti Devi, come down from Himalayas
To shower us with great delight and dance with us in spring

Oh, Aphrodite starts in spring to set our passions tingling
She’s caught us in her fever, she’ll warm you in the spring

Well, change is dancing everywhere and passion’s growing in the air
Let go of what we do not need and celebrate the spring
Chorus 3x

Spring is Returning by Ariana Lightningstorm (c) 1990, recorded by KIVA on the album The Healing Art

As usual, take these readings as suggestions and thoughts to ponder.

Enjoy the lengthening of days and returning warmth! The Sun returns and the Earth awakens to the warmth and smiles.

Astrology for Ostara, 2022: readings


Happy Birthday, Aries! Your chart looks extra interesting now. Chiron is in Aries, holding place for some healing time for you coming up. Uranus in your 2nd house of values (and money) suggesting innovations in how you do what it is you do for money. Socially it’s a party in the 11th. Looks like fun and perhaps something more serious than you’ve seen in a while. In the 12th house of deep spiritual stuff, some very big things are coming together. Wow!


The North Node has now moved into your sign. This is a long-term trend that tells us YOU are the vision point for this time. You encompass lessons to be learned now with your steady hand and calm voice. You are the slow moving, evening raga that gets us to focus down and be at peace with the cycle we are in. Perhaps theses are words you need to hear now. With Uranus still in your sign you have become used to a higher frequency.


Even though the Sun has just slipped into Aries, you and Jupiter and Neptune are all in Pisces still. Pretty heady company! Or should I say “soulful” company? This looks like a deep level meeting to discuss soulful things. You, being the messenger, will cross paths with both soon and join in with the growth and sharing. It is not that you can’t speak the language. You speak many! It may be a little confusing to some. You know what to say!


You are the Mother of the zodiac. Indeed, all your phases have been likened to many goddesses. From Diana to Hecate; The Virgin to the Crone. Indeed, all astrology and religion began with watching the Moon and how she mysteriously moves through the sky, always changing, always coming back yet always different. As is your style, dear Cancer, you will be (as always) soon triggering growth spurts with all around you. Perhaps the most amazing of all things in the sky.


Hey, Mr. Sun! As always, aspirational! Warmth is returning to the world, at least the northern hemisphere. Growing things are beginning to pop up and show themselves for another season. Well done, you fire sign, you. One period to watch for: April 16. A full moon with Sun and Moon squaring Pluto and across that mix to make a Grand Cross: Leo! Could be a time of being forced into something you may not like. Be careful.


Your planet Mercury is cruising through your opposite sign, Pisces, and will conjunct with Jupiter right on Eostara. I do think that is good news for you. Have a plan or two that could use a boost about now? Here you go! And then three days later Mercury crosses over Neptune. Inspiration time on top of good luck! Then, just to show your game, you are in the mix of the New Moon, conjuncting the Moon from March 31 through April 2. Busy Virgo!


You going through a hot love affair right now?  Kind of looks like it, with Venus and Mars hanging together for a good while since about February through April. At least it would be a meeting of someone who feels like a soul mate; very sympatico. I would say that looks like a “thing” through to Beltane. In fact, Beltane will be a grand finale to the whole affair. You will go through Jupiter and Neptune by then. Pretty heady stuff.


You going through a hot love affair right now?  Kind of looks like it, with Venus and Mars hanging together for a good while since about February through April. At least it would be a meeting of someone who feels like a soul mate; very sympatico. I would say that looks like a “thing” through to Beltane. In fact, Beltane will be a grand finale to the whole affair. You will go through Jupiter and Neptune by then. Pretty heady stuff.


Now, on Eostara, Jupiter is conjuncting Mercury and they must be swapping tips on building enlightenment, basing as they are in Pisces, the “Home of the Sensitives.” Jupiter is very much at home here and loves the spread all things positive and loving. Jupiter will continue and leave Pisces right after Beltane, but soon after retro back until later in the year. Unfinished business I would think. That’s OK. There’s always more teaching to do.


Your “guy” Saturn is still cruising through Aquarius, its other sign. Very much at home here as well. Venus catches up with Saturn about a week, then Mars does a week after that. Looks like a good meetup, love, drive, and organization all together. A very Capricorn love affair! Could be a bit dry really but Capricorn is also known for the potential of bawdy behavior when inspired. He IS the model for Pan, after all. The sap is rising and Beltane IS COMING! Getting ready.


The Other sign ruled by Saturn, now Uranus, is chilling out in Taurus, but the wild glint in the eye can be seen. He is known for revolution and brilliance! The Sun will meet up with Uranus hours before Beltane and all this will be very flashy this year. Everyone should prepare for quite a wild experience! This will be more than the usual. From what I’ve seen of Beltane celebrations in more than just a few years, that is saying something!


Still quite the party going on in Pisces. Your two rulers, Neptune and Jupiter close and closing (conjunct April 12); Mercury right between them; the Sun just now crossing over into Aries, it is very much a lot of juice in your sign. Kind of an “Open House at the Ashram” with deep meditation and an open exchange of inspiration and spiritual guidance. I would think you feel right in your element right now. That’s very cool.

photos by Jon Deer

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