BOO York: Big Apple is No. 1 city for witches – New York Post

New York has cast a spell on them. 

The Big Apple has been named the best city for witches, according to a new study by Lawn Love.

“The City That Never Sleeps is also the city of spells and sorcery,” the report’s authors said, with more covens and spiritual supply stores than any other.

The study looked at a variety of criteria, including number of candle stores, reiki healers, tarot-card readers, astrologers, and even witch-oriented Facebook groups (NYC has 42 of them).

Los Angeles; Pasadena, California; Jersey City and New Age capital San Francisco rounded out the top five most enchanted burgs out of 200 cities surveyed.

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BOO York: Big Apple is No. 1 city for witches 

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