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Humanism 2.0: humanity’s last monotheistic religion? – Part I,  by Alex Shenderov, Ph.D.

Rather the defining characteristics of Nature Religions should be evident in how their adherents live their religion.  Belief in the absolute sacredness of Nature transforms people’s everyday actions and their relationship with their natural environments. I call this new way of life “the Earth Path”.  Initially it is a journey of discovery and transformation in which one develops a radical ecological consciousness, loosing the estrangement from nature so prevalent in our modern lives.


Coming down from the mountainI have seen the lofty gloryI will go again some dayBut for now, I’m coming down. –Meat Puppets There is an ache in my heart right now, a longing for the people and experiences of Suntree Retreat. It isn’t that I’m not glad to be home. I like my life, by …

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Suntree Retreat 2022: A Revelation

Suntree Retreat 2022 has come and gone, and now I have to try to communicate this amazing, moving, inspiring event and how it has affected me, as well as its implications for the Atheopagan community going forward. My voyage to get there took 2-1/2 days, carpooling with fellow Atheopagan Society Council member James from the …

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Suntree Atheopagan Retreat Afterglow

For some time now, folks online and in the Zoom chats have referred now and again to “APCon”, an imagined in-person gathering where we can meet, discuss our path, socialize, and share community. Real hugs (with consent, of course)!

Thinking About: Morphing the Myth, Pagan Newbies, and Kirsten Dunst (Sigh)

We’ve all encountered them. The new folks that show up at the Pagan gatherings and public events. They’ve watched a…

Pagan Conferences, Gatherings and My Face on a Milk Carton

I get all kinds of question from people wanting to know more about me or looking for my opinion on…

Thinking About: Discussion on Prayer and Practicing Patience and Kindness With Others

I have friends that cross over into many different areas of society. Some are conflicting, which can make for some…

Howling Into the Wind: Speaking of Tides…Not Storms

Earlier this morning, I was awakened by the sound of thunder rolling in from a distance, along with occasional flashes…

Thinking About: Beltane, Going Deeper, and Re-investigating the Basics

Well, we made it to the end of one month and the start of a new one. An apt description…

The singing will never be done

Once, you could hearSheep munching grassHalf a mile away. Now the soundscapeIs full of mechanical sounds:Auditory assault.