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A Pagan writer’s blog by Chas S. Clifton.

Moving at the Speed of Folklore: The Sunflower Curse

The war in Ukraine is a fast-changing affair, but one event from two days ago has already spawn a meme that has folklore scholars (like my friend Sabina Magliocco) shouting, “Folklore rules. It started with a video (there are two … Continue reading

Ronald Hutton’s Goddess Book Available for Pre-order

From the publisher, Yale University Press: In this riveting account, renowned scholar Ronald Hutton explores the history of deity-like figures in Christian Europe. Drawing on anthropology, archaeology, literature, and history, Hutton shows how hags, witches, the fairy queen, and the … Continue reading

Pagan Studies: 2022 American Academy of Religion Call for Papers

The Call for Proposals for the Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, November 19–22, 2022 is now available, and the PAPERS System is open for submission. This is the Contemporary Pagan Studies Unit’s particular call, to save you searching. More info from … Continue reading

Egil Asprem and Giovanna Parmigiani on Esotericism Studies

Here is a webinar on “The Truth Shall Set Whom Free? A Conversation on Esoteric Knowledge, Alternative Spirituality, and Conspiracy Theories,” with Egil Asprem and Giovanna Parmigiani. If, like me, you would sometimes rather read than listen, there is a … Continue reading

Not Too Late to Register for the Conference on Current Pagan Studies

The organizers of the Conference on Current Pagan Studies have an excellent line-up of speakers (list here) for the conference this weekend. As in 2021, it’s by Zoom. I hope this will be the last time — or at least … Continue reading