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Greetings my friends!

Here is the video of House Concert 29 from Sunday 26th June.

A couple of surprise songs from the Tales from the Crow Man album and the post-Covid frog-in-the-throat raised its head a couple of times, but I think you will still


For some weeks in early Spring, we were entertained by what we began to call Pigeon TV. Two large Pigeons had found one of the hanging bird feeders in our garden. A good-sized feeder in the shape of a house hanging from the apple tree. #Magpie #Nature


Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 182 - OBOD Summer Gathering 2022 Special

From the OBOD Summer Gathering - Professor Ronald Hutton - Leadership Changes, and “What could possibly go wrong?”

Mother Calls - Scott and Maria - https://www.scottandmariamusic.


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