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Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor for Windows and Mac (Dual Video: HDMI and DVI/VGA/HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio, 6 USB Ports)

FLEXIBLE EXPANDABILITY - A single USB 3.0 connection from a host PC to this dock provides dual video outputs, wired Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone jacks, two USB 3.0 ports, and four USB 2.0 ports

DUAL HD MONITORS - Built-in HDMI and DVI outputs each supporting 1920x1200 resolution 60Hz refresh rate. Includes DVI to VGA adapter and DVI to HDMI adapter. HDMI port supports resolutions up to 2560x1440 50Hz with a single HDMI
display only

COMPATIBILITY - [url=]Docking station[/url] ;compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8x and 7, and macOS 10.14+. Additional adapters are needed for USB-C systems like M1 MacBook (USBC-AF3). Plug
and play driver installation via Windows Update; manual driver installation on macOS. The dock does not charge the host PC

RECOMMENDED USE - For use with web and productivity software; not recommended for gaming. Cannot be mixed with non-DisplayLink USB adapters. DisplayPort connections are not supported. Does not support HDCP, will not playback
encrypted or copy-protected content

2 YEAR WARRANTY - We love our Plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support

CFexpress Type A / SD Card Reader


Optimized for CFexpress Type A cards from Sony

Get the most from CFexpress Type A and SD memory cards from Sony with this high-speed [url=]card reader[/url]. The compact design and USB connectivity allow fast transfer and backups at any

Supports CFexpress Type A and SD UHS-II/UHS-I memory cards

Just one card reader is all you need to transfer data from CFexpress Type A memory cards and SD memory cards.

Faster transfers via USB Type-C

With USB 3.2 Gen 2 support, the MRW-G2 supports the SuperSpeed 10Gbps transfer protocol via both USB Type-C (recommended) and Type-A connections. High-performance cables are supplied for both connection types, for wide compatibility
across devices.

Easy to use

To help you work more comfortably, the shape of the recessed card slot makes it more difficult to accidentally pop out the card, and an access LED (lit while the card is inserted, flickering while accessing), has been incorporated. ;

Compact and easy to carry, and designed for more efficient workflows

The MRW-G2’s slim and lightweight design allows it to fit into any pocket or bag, making it ideal for working with high-resolution files on the go. Just a single cable connection is required for both high-speed data transfer and
power supply.

CFexpress Card Reader, Alxum USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps USB C to CFexpress Type B Memory Card Adapter for Mac, Support Thunderbolt 3 Port Connection, with 2 Data Cable, Support Android/Windows/Mac OS/Linux

CFexpress Card Compatibility ? Alxum [url=]CFexpress card reader[/url] ;only supports CFexpress Type B cards which can be up to 2TB.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 10 Gbps USB CFexpress Card Reader ? Ultra speed up to 10Gbps, comes with USB C to USB C cable & USB A to USB C cable for better performance, backward compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB 3.0, etc. Compatible with all
kinds of MacBook Pro, Mac Air, iPad Pro, Linux, Laptop, PC, and other USB C devices.

Professional, Fast, Portable ? Alxum CFexpress card reader specialize designed for photographers and videographers, palm-size for business & travel, Plug & Play without driver request.

System Compatibility ? Compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8 /8.1/ 10 (32/ 64-bit), Mac OS 10.10 or higher, Chrome OS, Linux OS.

What You Get ? 1x Alxum CFexpress Type B Card Reader, 1 x USB C to C data cable, 1 x USB C to A data cable, 1 x User Manual, Alxum professional full of patient customer services to eliminate your worries.

USB 3.0 CFast 2.0 Card Reader

USB C and USB A to [url=]CFast Card Reader[/url] ;support CFast 2.0 memory card data transfer. Read and write high-resolution photos, and Full HD videos from your CFast card
quickly and at transfer speed. Equipped with USB-A and USB-C cables to allow one device to compatible with a variety of MacBook Pro, mac air, computer, laptop, Notebook, and other type-c devices, the USB C Cable also supports a
Thunderbolt 3 port connection.

Great Compatibility

This CFast card reader can be used for MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, iMac, Surface Pro, Notebook, Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion, Chromebook, Google Surface tablet, Lenovo ThinkPad IdeaPad, Laptops, pc, computers, and More. Compatible with
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS and etc. Support CFast 2.0 Memory Cards, including PixelFlash, Lexar, Transcend, SanDisk, and Sony.

Aluminum Compact Design

This CFast card reader with a compact portable design could save space and easy take. With a slim and sleek design, aluminum material, easy to carry, and a great kit for travel. The aluminum alloy cover makes the CFast reader more
durable and high quality.

Desktop KVM Switches

Kinan Desktop [url=]KVM Switches[/url] ;allow users to easily switch between multiple computers from a single console (keyboard, video, mouse) at the desktop eliminating the clutter of extra
keyboards, mice, and monitors. Kinan’s desktop KVM helps improve work efficiency for home users, offices, and small businesses who need to manage more than one computer.

Kinan provides a wide range of desktop KVM switches, such as HDMI KVM, DisplayPort KVM, DVI KVM, and VGA KVM. The design for desktop KVM is small and clean, and only supports 2 port KVM switch and 4 port KVM switch. Most of Kinan’s
desktop KVMs support audio, USB Hub, and high resolutions. Kinan also provides OEM & ODM services for desktop KVMs.

USB-C KVM Switch - Switch Between & Control Multiple Computer and Mobile Phone / Tablet Sources From a Single User Station

Control & Switch Between USB-C Based Computer and Mobile Device Sources

[url=]USB-C KVM Switches[/url] ;allow you to control & switch between multiple USB-C-based computer and mobile phone or tablet sources from a single user station. USB-C
consolidates Keyboard, Video, Mouse, Peripheral USB media, and Power delivery into one standardized connection.

USB Type-C connectors are 60% smaller than the traditional Type-A connector, are more durable, and are have reversible plug-in designs. In addition to video from a USB-C plug, Type-C also supports a variety of different video
protocols including HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and more through passive KVM adapters/video adapters to allow a variety of video sources or monitors from one single USB port. USB Type-C is a 'super-speed' cable and can handle up to
10Gbps peripheral USB media as well as support the delivery of video with a resolution of up to 4K (3840x2160). USB Type-C cables can also be used for power charging as well and offer bi-directional power.

The best USB charging stations for 2022

Most households have more cords than they can keep track of. Instead of daisy-chaining surge protectors and playing find-an-outlet, you could just buy a single [url=]USB charging station[/url]. With
options including a multiple-device public charging station and a portable charger that's mostly a bunch of USB ports on a long charging cord, simplifying your charging situation is easy with these USB hubs for charging and syncing.

Vertically arranged hubs are a godsend when physical space is at a premium, and Wyness's Tower Power Station provides six USB ports, two of which provide fast charging. As a smaller tower, it's perfect for sitting on a desk
or nestling into a community space like a living room. The design isn't anything particularly unique, and it doesn't provide the fastest charging speed available, but the black model will easily blend into a variety of
environments, and there's a blue and white, purple and white, and pure white version if you're looking for a slightly different style.

Simple and small, Bull's USB hub can charge up to four devices, while taking up about as much space as a credit card. That's an impressive achievement, and it means it's a great choice for a bedside table, or anywhere
space is limited. Granted, it won't be the fastest charger around, and the white body is likely to get grubby over time (as white plastic often does). But at this price, this is a pretty good bargain.

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[url=]Forklift[/url] is a small industrial vehicle, having a power operated forked platform attached at the front that can be raised and lowered for insertion under a cargo to lift or move it. Forklifts serve the needs of various industries including warehouses and other large storage facilities. Forklifts are powered by electric battery or combustion engines. Some Forklifts allow the operators to sit while driving and operating the machine while others require the operator to stand. It is being extensively used throughout the industry for transporting materials and goods.

A [url=]floor crane[/url] is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. The device uses one or more simple machines to create mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of a human. Cranes are commonly employed in transportation for the loading and unloading of freight, in construction for the movement of materials, and in manufacturing for the assembling of heavy equipment.

A [url=]pallet changer [/url]is a movable & interchangeable part of a machine tool which helps to transport raw or finished parts from the machine in order reduce downtime for part loading/unloading. There are three main types of pallet changers in most CNC machine tools – manual, automated and robotic.

[url=]Electric stackers[/url] are generally used for cargo stacking, loading and unloading, short-distance handling, and electric stacker trucks as one of the necessary equipment for future logistics storage management and operation. Full electric stacker including electric lifting and electric walking whose working efficiency is the highest among the three-speed equipment.

[url=]Electric trolleys[/url] are divided into one wheel, two wheels, three wheels and four wheels. Trolleys are widely used in production and life because of their low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, and lightweight. They can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use and are very convenient when carrying lighter items over short distances.

A [url=]tow truck[/url] (also called a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or a breakdown lorry) is a truck used to move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles. This may involve recovering a vehicle damaged in an accident, returning one to a drivable surface in a mishap or inclement weather, or towing or transporting one via flatbed to a repair shop or other location. A tow truck is distinct from a car carrier trailer, which is used to move multiple new or used vehicles simultaneously in routine transport operations.

[url=]Electric crane[/url] is a kind of hoisting machinery, which is a kind of machinery for cyclic and intermittent motion. A working cycle includes: the picking device lifts the object from the picking place, then moves horizontally to the designated place to lower the object, and then performs the reverse movement to make the picking device return to the original position for the next cycle. It's a multi-action hoisting machine that vertically lifts and horizontally transports heavy objects within a certain range. It belongs to material handling machinery. The working characteristic of the crane is to do intermittent motion, that is, the corresponding mechanisms for taking material, moving, unloading and other actions in a working cycle work alternately.

Maneuvering reels have always been heavy and awkward. But, now, the [url=]reel lifter[/url] makes it easy. The reel lifter simply slides down the center of the reel. When pulled up, the bottom feet act as a brace against the inside of the reel. The reel lifter easily connects to a lifting device and has a large capacity to handle loads that are both heavy and light. It's lightweight for easy handling with a compact design.

The electric drum lifter can be lifted, handled, rotated, tilted and drained with a full oil drum; The double protection finger sleeve lock of the lifter ensures the stability of the lifted oil tank; The lifter can lock the oil drum in the vertical direction to avoid overflow or lock the oil drum in the horizontal direction to prevent the oil from being discharged from the gas nozzle; When the electric drum lifter is unlocked, the oil drum may be repeatedly rotated to stir the oil inside and can be fixed manually at any angle.

[url=]Pallet inverters[/url] feature a unique pallet-gripping system that allows them to securely invert or transfer pallets with or without product on them. Compared with other types of heavy lifting equipment, these machines are easier to operate and integrate better with various warehouse equipment and production lines.

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I cast my first circle a couple days ago to do my first ritual, the ritual was to protect me and my family from harm and I also used sigil magick on the doors and I want to be able to learn more about Wicca.
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The [url=]dry erase board[/url] is a white note board named for its ability to be erased with a dry tissue, board eraser, or any soft dry material such as a paper towel or cloth. The secret is in the board's special dry-erase markers, that can be easily wiped clean without water or rubbing. Dry erase boards are often installed in classrooms in lieu of chalkboards.

[url=]Glass boards[/url] are essentially whiteboard royalty because they are built with durable tempered glass. They are highly resistant to damage and are very hard to destruct. Glass is an entirely impermeable surface material, which means that any residue is easily wiped away without using moisture or other materials to assist the user.

A [url=]bulletin board[/url] is a board for posting notices. Bulletin boards reflect a class or school’s identity. In and outside the classroom, bulletin boards that make learning visible show what we value, offer opportunities for reflection, help learners make connections within and across subject matter, and contribute to a shared and public body of knowledge.

A [url=]chalkboard [/url](also known as a blackboard) is a reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with sticks of calcium sulphate or calcium carbonate, known, when used for this purpose, as chalk. Blackboards were originally made of smooth, thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone. There are some advantages to using a chalkboard. Chalk requires no special care. Chalk is an order of magnitude cheaper than whiteboard markers for a comparable amount of writing. It is easier to draw lines of different weights and thicknesses with chalk than with whiteboard markers. Chalk has a mild smell and is mostly biodegradable.

[url=]Flipchart easel boards[/url] are used to place the flip chart which is a stationery item consisting of a pad of large paper sheets. A flip chart is It is typically fixed to the upper edge of a whiteboard, or supported on a tripod or four-legged easel. Such boards are commonly used for presentations.

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[url=]Baby shoes[/url] are an outer covering for the baby foot typically having a thick or stiff sole with an attached heel and an upper part of lighter material, usually cotton. Soft rubber studs and sensory cushioning under the outsole keep your child from slipping. The soft sole helps little ones learn balance. Avoid bumping the toe cap to add an extra barrier to protect your baby's feet from injury. Baby shoes help the baby's feet flex correctly and ensure natural movement.

[url=]Baby moccasin[/url] is a soft leather slipper or shoe, strictly one without a separate heel, having the sole turned up on all sides and sewn to the upper in a simple gathered seam. It is elastic at the opening making the shoes easy to put on, easy to take off. And most importantly, they stay on your child's foot. Baby moccasins are made with high quality, durable, wear-tested leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike. These moccasins come in a variety of styles and colors so each babe can find their perfect pair.

[url=]Baby boots[/url] are a fitted covering (as of leather or rubber) for the foot that usually reaches above the ankle. They are lightweight so when the baby walks wearing shoes like walking barefoot. The boots are soft and smooth. And also, the baby boots are elastic at the opening, thus, it's easy to put on or take off the shoes.

[url=]Baby sandals[/url] are light shoes with either an openwork upper or straps attaching the sole to the foot. They are convenient and comfortable wherever he goes. What's more, they are easy to put on or take off. These comfortable molded footbed sandals are designed for everyday all-day comfort. The sandals are ideal for spring and summer picnics, parties, and playdates. In addition, they are easy to care and clean.

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[url=]Yoga pants[/url] are high-denier hosiery reaching from ankle to waist, originally designed for yoga as exercise and first sold in 1998 by Lululemon, a company founded for that purpose. They were initially made of a mix of nylon and Lycra; more specialised fabrics have been introduced to provide moisture-wicking, compression, and odour reduction.

[url=]Outdoor jackets[/url] are designed with the best features for supporting your athletic activities.

A [url=]Women Sports Bra[/url] is a bra that provides support to a woman's breasts during physical exercise. Sturdier than typical bras, they minimize breast movement and alleviate discomfort. Many women wear sports bras to reduce pain and physical discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise. Some sports bras are designed to be worn as outerwear during exercise such as jogging. There are also sports bras with extra padding for exercises that involve some kind of trauma to the breasts.

[url=]Yoga Bras[/url] are essential for active women wanting low, medium, or high impact support during yoga.

[url=]Leggings[/url] are several types of leg coverings that have varied through the years. Modern usage from the 1960s onwards has come to refer to elastic close-fitting high-rise garments worn over the legs typically by women, such as leg warmers or tights.

[url=]Shorts [/url]are a garment worn over the pelvic area, circling the waist and splitting to cover the upper part of the legs, sometimes extending down to the knees but not covering the entire length of the leg. They are called "shorts" because they are a shortened version of trousers, which cover the entire leg, but not the foot. Shorts are typically worn in warm weather or in an environment where comfort and air flow are more important than the protection of the legs.

A[url=] Women Top [/url]is an item of clothing that covers at least the chest, but which usually covers most of the upper human body between the neck and the waistline. The bottom of tops can be as short as mid-torso, or as long as mid-thigh.

A [url=]shirt [/url]is a cloth garment for the upper body (from the neck to the waist).

In addition to the above products, we also produce [url=]Women Sports Pants[/url] and [url=]Women Active Jackets[/url] for customers to choose from, each of which can meet the requirements of customers when they are exercising and make you feel comfortable when playing sports.

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A [url=]bathrobe[/url], also known as a housecoat or a dressing gown, is a loose-fitting outer garment (a robe) worn by people, often after washing the body or around a pool. A bathrobe is considered to be very informal clothing and is not worn with everyday clothes. It is a dressing gown made from toweling or other absorbent fabric and may be donned while the wearer's body is wet, serving both as a towel and a body covering when there is no immediate need to fully dress. Most bathrobes are designed as a wrapped-front garment with belt loops and a matching belt, intended to be tied around the waist to hold the garment closed.

[url=]Women's bathrobe[/url] is specially designed to be worn before and after bathing for the female. They are large and comfortable. The general texture includes cotton, coral fleece, terry, waffle, bamboo fiber, and other materials. The feel of different materials and craftsmanship, as well as the comfort level of wearing, may be worlds apart. Women's bathrobes always have a thick collar that locks in the warmth of the head and neck. In addition, each long bathrobe has two large pockets, which can hold small items such as mobile phones and keys and can be warm to your hands.

[url=]Men's Bathrobe[/url] is always designed with a hood, giving a stylish look to the robe and helping in keeping your head warm after taking a shower. And two front pockets for holding frequently used items like cell phones especially when the bathrobe is put on for long. The adjustable waist belt helps in securely closing the robe from the front so that it can be worn with convenience.

[url=]Children's Bathrobe[/url] is always made from super soft fleece that will feel amazing against your little one’s skin after bath time.100% polyester material is machine washable and easy to care for, so there’s no need to worry about cookie crumbs and spills. Lightweight material keeps the children warm without weighing them down. It can be tossed on after a shower or while watching movies and eating popcorn. Featuring a plush hood, the child can pull up over a wet head of hair instead of a towel after their evening bath. Two front pockets provide a place for tiny hands to heat up or a spot to keep their toothbrush.

A [url=]blanket[/url] is a swath of soft cloth large enough either to cover or to enfold most of the user's body and thick enough to keep the body warm by trapping radiant body heat that otherwise would be lost through convection. Blankets have been used by militaries for many centuries. Militaries are some of the biggest single consumers of woolen blankets. Military blankets tend to be coarse grey, with thick fibers of over 20 microns. Special blankets known as baby blankets are used to protect infants from the cold. Small children (and some adults) may also use a blanket as a comfort object. Blankets may be spread on the ground for a picnic or where people want to sit in a grassy or muddy area without soiling their clothing. Temporary blankets have been designed for this purpose. Many types of blanket material, such as wool, are used because they are thicker and have more substantial fabric to them, but cotton can also be used for light blankets. Wool blankets are warmer and also relatively slow to burn compared to cotton. The most common types of blankets are woven acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, cotton, fleece, and wool. Blankets also come with exotic crafting and exotic material such as crocheted afghan or a silk covering. The term blanket is often interchanged with comforter, quilt, and duvet, as they all have similar uses.

The thicker design of the [url=]adult blanket[/url] not only improves the softness of the blanket, but also reduces the possibility of lint, and there is no need to worry about the problem of pilling. Tightly stitching edges and strong seams make your warm blanket more durable than cheap sew blankets. The adult blanket has a great balance in utility and decoration. It can be used as throw blankets for couch, bed, office while watching TV, or presents of lap blankets for elderly. The warm blanket is also a great choice for mothers to use as blankets for baby boys and girls. Besides, a delicate adult blanket is a graceful decorative accent for the room.

[url=]Children's blanket[/url] of fancy and colorful design features their favorite animal cartoon. The blanket provides kids with a gentle feeling of being hugged. For the safety and comfort of children, children's blanket is always made of breathable cotton fabric, padded with fine glass beads that are non-toxic, lead-free, and antimagnetic. Children's blankets can facilitate kids' sleep with constant cuddle-like tight hugs, which will calm them down when they are excited. The blanket will make any child smile and will make watching tv, reading a book, or snuggling on the couch more comfortable.

[url=]Sleeves blanket[/url] keeps the user warm and cozy while watching TV, lounging on sofa/bed, gaming, or reading a book. It's an ideal present for family or friends for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas secret Santa gifts, Valentine's Day, holidays. The blanket is always made with soft, cozy microfiber fabric and designed to be long enough to wrap around your feet for maximum comfort. The sleeves allow for full arm mobility and the front pouch can store your mobile devices, remote controls and essentials. Wearable Blanket will not slip down, allowing both hands free to use your laptop or cellphone.

[url=]Double Blankets[/url] are always made of the highest quality polyester, and uniquely added special fibers to protect the user from static electricity. With one double blanker, the user can start enjoying a comfortable winter. After the blanket has undergone multiple processes and tests, the fixability of the pile is improved. Even after washing for a long time, the blanket can maintain the original shape, and without hair removal or pilling. The blanket overcomes the static electricity problem of polyester fiber. Now it has become as soft and smooth as baby skin, comparable to cotton fiber products. The blanket can be washed by machine at 40°C and are also suitable for drum drying (at low temperatures). Compared with cotton fiber products, double blankets can quickly restore their dry and fluffy state after washing and drying and can be used for a long time without deformation.

[url=]Pajamas[/url] are several related types of clothing worn as nightwear or while lounging or performing remote work from home. There are many variations in style such as short sleeve pajamas, pajama bottoms of varying length, and pajamas incorporating various non-traditional materials. Often, people of both sexes opt to sleep or lounge in just pajama pants, usually with a t-shirt. For this reason, pajama pants are often sold as separates.

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[url=]Standing desk frame[/url] helps to bring the desktop to sit on top of it. A personal desktop is unique, but this frame will still fit it perfectly. The telescoping crossbars on the standard 2-leg frame fit desktops anywhere, which means the user can change their desktop later on and still use the same base. There are also 3-leg and 4-leg frames available. They offer more carrying capacity and the ability to support much larger setups and desk configurations.

[url=]Electric standing desk frame[/url] can be used as active workstation legs for home and office settings. All steel construction and a thick leg support system hold things of great weight. Adjustable feet level out and adapt to nearly any floor surface. Telescopic height adjustment allows you to go from sitting to standing at the push of a button without breaking concentration or productivity. The powerful dual motor features slow lift speed, creating smooth and quiet height transitions for your workstation. The easy-to-use push-button controller features several presets so you can easily find your ideal height.

[url=]Crank standing desk frame[/url] helps keep the user focus on tasks by allowing them to move from sitting to standing positions throughout the day. This durable desk frame caters to the users' needs by easily adjusting the height with the aid of a crank handle. The leveling feet and strong steel base will keep the desk from wobbling back and forth as the user works or studies, assuring that the desk stands steady all day.

A [url=]standing desk [/url]or stand-up desk is a desk conceived for writing, reading or drawing while standing up or while sitting on a high stool. Standing desks have been made in many styles and variations. Standing desks may be specialized to suit particular tasks, such as certain variations of the telephone desk and desks for architectural drafting. Some standing desks may only be used while standing while others allow users to sit or stand by adjusting the desk height with an electric motor, hand crank, or counterbalance system.[4] Some desks are also constructed like teacher's lecterns, allowing them to be set on top of an existing desk for standing, or removed for sitting.

[url=]Electric standing desk[/url] adopts a motor design for smoother and quieter movement. The base support features a solid steel lift system with a large capacity. The desktop is stable and does not shake. The desk features a height adjustment function. The standing desk has preset buttons with a wide lifting range. It is easy to adjust the most comfortable height of the sit-stand desk with one button.

[url=]Kids study table[/url] is the table designed for children's study. The construction of kids study table is safe and durable. The study table features a desktop made of high-quality materials, and legs constructed with a high-quality steel frame to ensure long-term use. The desk and chair have an excellent load-bearing capacity. Durable rubber pads can prevent table and chair sets from rubbing against the ground to cause damage. The user can easily adjust the height of the table and chair according to the height of the child, accompanying children's growth for long-term use.

[url=]Standing desk accessories[/url] include under-desk keyboard and mouse platform, active seating and anti-fatigue mat, comfortable supportive shoes, balance board, foam roller, mini elliptical trainer, under-desk CPU holder, monitor riser and laptop stand. All these things can help the user improve the posture, which can reduce fatigue, stiffness, and soreness.

[url=]Corner standing desk[/url] is the desk designed to be placed in the corner of the room, saving lots of space for the user. The height of the desk can be adjusted easily and the corner standing desk can make the work healthier. Corner desk is designed to encourage more movement, helping to improve productivity and energy, as well as eliminating or reducing neck, back and shoulder pain. It's also a perfect solution for the corner, cubicle or L-shaped desk. The triangle shape allows the user to maximize the corner space.

[url=]2 person standing desk[/url] is available for two person. The layer shelf in the middle of the 2 person desk can hold all of the important computer components, paper documents and accessories. The user can share the happy working time with your family, roommates and friends. The desk for two person could also work as computer desk, home office desk, craft table, writing desk, office desk, training table, exhibition table, home double desks for twins.

[url=]Standing desk drawer[/url] is the drawer under the desk to store various of items, such as phone, pens, pencils, glue, erasers, adapters, headphones, cutlery and other small, regularly used items. These items are equipped with self-adhesive and environmentally friendly rubber surface. The user can choose a suitable location, a flat surface, to paste the drawers. The user can hidde it under the table which do not take up space so that the desktop won't be messy.

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De las mejores empresas de reformas en Pozuelo se encuentra ACIP Arquitectura. Una de las razones es que te diseñan tu proyecto a medida, según las necesidades de cada cliente. Si quieres realizar una reforma y olvidarte de problemas contáctanos. Visita la página web.

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[url=]Digital communication cables[/url] can be used to connect indoor electronic equipment such as computers and TVs to prevent the interference of strong electromagnetic signals from the outside world and avoid the distortion of effective signals.

[url=]CAT7 Cable[/url], more commonly known as a Cat7 or Cat-7 cable, is a type of high-end data transfer patch cable used in delivering the core infrastructure of wired Gigabit Ethernet setups.

[url=]CAT6 Cable[/url]  is a standardized twisted pair cable for Ethernet and other network physical layers that is backward compatible with the Category 5/5e and Category 3 cable standards.

[url=]CAT6A Cable[/url] is made and terminated to tighter tolerances than Cat6. This means the copper conductors are twisted tighter. This requires higher specification patch panels, wall jacks, and RJ45 connectors.

One of the interesting things about [url=]CAT5 Cable [/url]and [url=]CAT5E Cable[/url] is that they are virtually identical in their physical appearance. You cannot tell them apart based on thickness, color, or the material used. The only way to identify them is to look at the text that is printed on the cable and see for yourself. With that being said, some manufacturers have gone out of their way to improve the durability of the PVC protective jacket on the Cat5e cables. This makes them better suited for frequent use over a period of several years, if not decades. An alternative and unneeded way to tell the two apart would be to cut open the cables and inspect the wiring inside. In general, the wires in Cat5e cables are twisted far more tightly than those in the Cat5 cable. This is what allows Cat5e cables to be more resistant to crosstalk.

A [url=]Hybrid cable[/url] may contain a combination of optical fibers, twisted pair/quad, coaxial and current-carrying electrical conductor elements as required, under a common outer sheath. A Telco Hybrid cable can contain more than one fiber type in the same cable as well as copper elements (typically twisted pairs).

A [url=]patch cable[/url], patch cord or patch lead is an electrical or optical cable used to connect ("patch in") one electronic or optical device to another for signal routing. Devices of different types (e.g., a switch connected to a computer, or a switch to a router) are connected with patch cords.

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The [url=]commercial food dehydrators[/url] with an adjustable thermostat can be used to preserve meat as well! Food dehydration has been around since ancient times because it’s a natural way to store produce without refrigeration.

The [url=]Commercial Vegetable Fruit Dehydrator[/url] is an excellent product for drying meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Multipurpose machine, can be used to heat and dehydrate fruits, vegetable slices, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. This food and dehydrator has a very good airtightness, is super suitable for dry food such as seafood, vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, nuts, beans, beef, chicken, and even ice cream.

A wonderful [url=]industrial dehydrator[/url] offers the perfect solution for food dehydrating needs for the personal, small-scale, and professional kitchen.

[url=]Food Dehydrator Cabinet[/url] can be used for almost anything. It is suitable for every day plus multifunctional use - from chopping onions to pureeing hummus to mincing herbs to mixing dressings.

[url=]Heat Pump Products[/url] can be used in moderate climates, use the difference between outdoor air temperatures and provide versatile heating, cooling, and humidity control.

A [url=]dehumidifier [/url]is an air conditioning device which reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air. This is done usually for health or comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odor and to prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air. It can be used for household, commercial, or industrial applications. Large dehumidifiers are used in commercial buildings such as indoor ice rinks and swimming pools, as well as manufacturing plants or storage warehouses. Typical air conditioning systems combine dehumidification with cooling, by setting cooling coils below the dewpoint and collecting the condensate.

[url=]Pet Hair Dryer[/url] is specific to pet hair that blow it in the low temperature range, mainly for cats and dogs.

In addition to the products mentioned above, we also produce [url=]others[/url].

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In a world that is grappling with the issue of how to reduce the quantity of [url=]plastic waste[/url] it produces, paper straws have an important role to play. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable plastic straw, 25.3 billion of which are used in Europe during a single year.


    The [url=]straight paper straws[/url] with 6mm in diameter and 195mm in length is the most popular sizes for beverage. You can see the straws in parties, events or restaurants.


    The [url=]spoon paper straw[/url] is most commonly used in smoothie bars and coffee shops where slushie drinks are served. It is a clever multifunction straw, as its name suggests, acts as both a straw and a spoon. 


    [url=]Flexible Paper Straws [/url]6mm are Individually wrapped and made from 3 Ply premium food grade craft paper. Manufacturer holds FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certification, FDA Approved. Great choice for our environment over plastic straws.


    [url=]U-shaped paper straws[/url] are one of our best-sellers. The adjustable bow ensures that all liquids are reachable within the pack and can be bent up to 50 times without breaking. Thanks to the sharp perforating edge at the bottom, the straw easily glides through the pack.


    [url=]Paper Napkins[/url] is a square of paper tissue used at the table for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating. It is usually small and folded, sometimes in intricate designs and shapes.


    These [url=]Printed Paper Napkins[/url] can be used as in Restaurants, Hotels, Personalised Wedding Napkins, Cocktail Napkins, or for other special events. If you are struggling to find napkins for your event these printed napkins are ideal as they are over printed so you can create your very own design or colour, e.g. Black Napkins, Gold Napkins or Pink Napkins.


    A [url=]paper cup[/url] is a disposable cup made out of paper and often lined or coated with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. It may be made of recycled paper and is widely used around the world.


    A [url=]single wall paper cup[/url] has one layer of paper, a [url=]double wall paper cup[/url] has two. The extra layer and textured pattern provide additional insulation to protect the consumers from hot drinks. The extra layer increases the environmental impact of the cup. We understand the issues and provide a double wall solution but our preference is always a single wall cup.


    [url=http://v]Gift bag[/url] means a decorative bag designed specifically for gift giving and has the ability to be used multiple times for that purpose. Gift bags are not bags used exclusively for transport of goods from a store.

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Integrated circuit ([url=]IC[/url]), also called microelectronic circuit, microchip, or chip, an assembly of electronic components, fabricated as a single unit, in which miniaturized active devices (e.g., transistors and diodes) and passive devices (e.g., capacitors and resistors) and their interconnections are built up on a thin substrate of semiconductor material (typically silicon). The resulting circuit is thus a small monolithic “chip,” which may be as small as a few square centimetres or only a few square millimetres. The individual circuit components are generally microscopic in size.

A [url=]capacitor [/url]is a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field. It is a passive electronic component with two terminals.

[url=]Connector [/url]may refer to: Plumbing Electrical connector, a device for joining electrical circuits together (sometimes known as ports, plugs, or interfaces)

[url=]Fan [/url]is a machine for producing airflow, often used for cooling.

[url=]Igbt Module [/url]is a semiconductor device that combines the high-speed switching performance of a power MOSFET with the high-voltage/high-current handling capabilities of a bipolar transistor.

A [url=]relay [/url]is an electrically operated switch. It consists of a set of input terminals for a single or multiple control signals, and a set of operating contact terminals. The switch may have any number of contacts in multiple contact forms, such as make contacts, break contacts, or combinations thereof.

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[url=]LED wall lights[/url] are a great way to brighten up any space. These are energy-efficient lights that secure to the wall and are suitable for all types of property. Whether you want to illuminate your house or office LED wall lights are a great choice. They can last for a longer period and various color options are available. [url=]LED underground light[/url] is widely used for ou
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[url=]Sex dolls[/url] are defined as human-like, anatomically correct, anthropomorphic dolls created and used to generate or enhance sexual arousal and pleasure in both solo and partnered sex.

A[url=] G-spot vibrator[/url] is a sex toy with female and male varieties. The female version of the device is built to massage the G-spot, described as a bean-shaped area of the vagina. Some women report that it is an erogenous zone which, when stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation. The male version of the G-spot vibrator is used for massaging the prostate for both sexual and health-related reasons.

[url=]Clitoral vibrators[/url] are vibrators designed to externally stimulate a woman's clitoris for her sexual pleasure and orgasm. They are sex toys created for massaging the clitoris, and are not penetrating sex toys, although the shape of some vibrators allows for penetration and the stimulation of inner erogenous zones for extra sexual pleasure. Regardless of the design, the main function of the clitoral vibrator is to vibrate at varying speeds and intensities. Vibrators are normally driven by batteries and some of them can be used underwater.

A [url=]sex toy[/url] is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals, and may be vibrating or non-vibrating. The term sex toy can also include BDSM apparatus and sex furniture such as slings; however, it is not applied to items such as birth control, pornography, or condoms. Alternative terms for sex toy include adult toy and the dated euphemism marital aid. Marital aid also has a broader meaning and is applied to drugs and herbs marketed to enhance or prolong sex.

A [url=]dildo [/url]is a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners. Dildos can be made from a number of materials and shaped like an erect human penis. They are typically about the average length of an erect penis, 4–6 inches (10–15 cm), but some may be longer. A dildo's circumference is typically 4–5 inches (10–13 cm).

[url=]Koro Ball[/url] is the vaginal ball that can be used for vaginal sex.

[url=]Bullet vibrators [/url]are compact sex toys that are usually shaped like, well, bullets. They’re meant to be used externally to stimulate erogenous zones like the clitoris during partnered play or masturbation, but the bullet comes in many forms and serves many pleasure purposes.

[url=]Sex sleeve[/url] is a silicone device often used to improve the sex life of men suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Penile support sleeves are a type of silicone sex toy used for treating erectile dysfunction or for sexual enhancement purposes.

[url=]TPE sex dolls[/url] are made from a new type of material synthesized by combining silicone with polyvinyl chloride. The letters TPE stand for “thermoplastic elastomer” and this new material feels more like real human skin than anything science has created until now. It is soft and responds to pressure. Men who touch it for the first time can’t believe how amazing it is.

[url=]Smart Sex Dolls[/url] are high-quality TPE sex dolls without the AI and Robotic capabilities.

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