Drunken Divinations Ep 11 – Nov. 6, 2021 – 8:30 EST

Live at 8:30 PM November 6, 2021.  As I understand it, my close friend Monica will be a guest on the Youtube show Drunken Divination.  What she doesn’t know is if I set this up right, she will be on Pagan Nation as well.  If it works, won’t she be surprised.

This is my  first test of third party live streaming.  The eventual goal is to bypass the third party, in this case Youtube.  What’s that?  You are rebroadcasting Youtube?  Yes, Youtube loves to let other services show their content.  It gives them more opportunity to show their advertisements and make more money.

In theory you will be able to watch it live here tonight and then play it back later.  Fingers crossed.

Shared by: A.J. Drew
I am the wackerdoodle who birthed Pagan Nation some 30ish years ago as a BBS, moved it on line some 20ish years ago, and have re-birthed it October 31st, 2021.  I've got a rail buggy and a dog.  Who could ask for more?