Question: What are F.A.Q.s?
Answer: Frequently asked questions.

Question: How do I [fill in the blank] at PaganNation.com?
Answer: If the answer is not yet available in the F.A.Q. then ask it the Support Forum.

Question: How do I upload my profile picture?
Answer: Currently this feature is buggy. Some browsers work fine. Firefox seems to. We are working on it. I apologize.

Question: How are the Youtube, Facebook, and other 3rd party videos legally shown here?
Answer: Currently, you can list your YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo videos with Pagan Nation. You do not even have to be the video creator. This is possible threw user agreements with those streaming services.

Question: How do I use member to member messaging?
When you sign in, a tab will open on the bottom right. Click on it for member to member messaging. A window will pop up showing members online. Select the member you would like to talk to.

Question: How do I use Chat Rooms?
From the top menu, click on Chat. You will see a channel guide. When you select a channel, a new tab will appear on the bottom right of your screen with the channel title. Some browsers will open this tab automatically. In some browsers you have to click on it to open the chat window. To exit the channel, navigate away from the page.