Ithaca College’s Pagan Community Hosts a Moon Ritual –

ITHACA N.Y.- During a warm and slightly breezy night, a lone candle flickers on a tree stump surrounded by jovial Ithaca College students. Members of Ithaca’s pagan community pass around cinnamon-basil cookies and converse with one another about the significance of the full moon.   “So a lot of pagan paths will honor things in nature, for example, celestial bodies like the moon,” said Marco Painter, president of IC’s Pagan Community.   On Sept. 20 members of the Pagan Community and other Ithaca College students gathered near Mueller Chapel to take part in a moon ritual.   “By honoring [the moon]and its cycles, we can kind of recognize cycles within ourselves,” said Painter. He added that many pagans say they can draw energy from the moon when it’s full. This is important to keep in mind when completing difficult tasks, Painter said.   Honoring celestial bodies and rituals are aspects of paganism.

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