New Feature: Pagan Nation Central

Pagan Nation Central is an automated user. It is our very own bot. It rewards you when you share links, videos, pictures, posts, and more. It rewards you when refer others to Pagan Nation. Although it sounds a bit nutty, this is our participation based economy.

What? – No real money is involved. This is an experiment and a game. PN Central was given 1,000,000.00 PNC. When you share links, video pictures, posts, comments and participate in other ways, PNCs (points) are automatically transferred from Pagan Nation Central to your account. Eventually some content and features will require members to spend PNCs. When PNCs are spent they go back into the central account for redistribution.

Why? – Pagan Nation 1 crumbled under it’s own weight. The folk running it just couldn’t stay on top of the bickering that any sizeable community will experience. We tried to turn moderation over to the supporting members who paid to keep the place running threw monthly subscriptions. That just created an arbitrary ruling class. A member could subscribe today and influence members who had participated for years. PNCs are an attempted solution.

How? – PNCs are planned as finite. When the Central Bank is out, it will not award PNCs for participation until more flow back in as they are spent. Unlike the US government, we hope not to simply create new money on whim. In these early stages of Pagan Nation 2, the PNCs will do little more than flow out of the Central Bank based on participation. Early members who participate and share will fill their accounts with PNCs.

When a large amount of PNCs are in the accounts of the members who rebuild Pagan Nation, I will not only introduce opportunities to spend these PNCs but to transfer and gift them between users. When there are PNCs in the central account, they will still be issued for participation. But when there are not PNCs in the central account, they will not be distributed for participation. Instead, members will be able to reward members for their participation.

Example: Once the central bank is dry, a new member will be limited in the content and services. But established members, folk who have PNCs will be able to reward other members for their participation and sharing. If someone writes an insightful article, other members will be able to gift them with PNCs.

It is my hope that when the central bank runs dry, this system will allow early / founding members to steer how Pagan Nation grows. Later, as PNCs start to flow from the early / founding members to the newer members the newer members will start to steer Pagan Nation based on the value other members place on their participation and sharing. The idea is to create a community controlled economy which regulates content.

Example: Perhaps in the future it will cost 10 PNCs to list an informative and well thought out blog post on the front page. It might also cost 10 PNCs to remove that post from the front page. Members might bicker over what should or should not be on the front page. When they do, they decide what should be on the front page by spending their participation equity, their PNCs. The PNCs then flow back into the central bank to be redistributed for participation. More over, the decision made to list on the front page becomes recorded in the public ledger. The world will be able to see that no central authority / dictator made the decision to promote some content over other content.

Where do I come in? – At first, it will appear I do most of the steering. This will not be for controlling the central bank. Of course I will adjust the exchange rate between participation, sharing, and central bank rewards in PNCs. We have to establish a working system by tweaking the reward system / exchange rate. But when I steer by gifting PNCs to other members, those PNCs will not come out of the central bank. Nor will I invent them from thin air. They will come from my balance. It will, at first, appear I am doing the most steering because I earned the most PNCs for being the first member. Thus, I earned the most PNCs for my participation. Example, I will receive PNCs for this post. But once I spend them, they return to the central bank for redistribution. Gradually, my influence over Pagan Nation diminishes with the PNCs I earned. Gradually my influence is redistributed as well.

In closing: It has been 13 years since I watched something I built from scratch crumble under it’s own weight. I just couldn’t run the place as a dictator or even a kindly king. But the mostly web 1.0 tools of the time were all that I had to work with. Now that web 2.0 tools are available, I think I have a shot at rebuilding something I love. Please help by joining, participating, and sharing. Do it early, do it now, and you will have the opportunity to become one of our first community leaders threw this system of rewarding participation and sharing.

For more information, click on “Bank” from the top menu.

Blessed be and Live Free,

A.J. Drew

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