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While I'm in political battles that end up invoking Norse values a lot I would really appreciate it if you please follow @WolfTheRed and @OceanKeltoi. Especially if you are looking for good non-problemtic queer friendly voices on Norse paganism and join their community!!

Learning that the new leader of @AsatruCommunity was fired from her previous job for "various reasons" that she "won't go into on video" was, interestingly, one of the more hopeful parts of the TAC QnA last night.

@BirdHell666 @TNrockchicken In general, self-proclaimed superheroes exhibiting attention seeking behavior that try to emotionally manipulate people around them into seeing them as a sacred class with their predatory perspective on magic should be kept out of any reasonable community. It's like 30 red flags.

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Ocean Keltoi | Instagram | Patreon | Twitter | Videos

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