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If God is perfect and therefore his creation is perfect, and this this world is the most perfect of all possible worlds, and Heaven is different from this world, does that mean that Heaven is imperfect?

Alright. Theres been discourse on Athiest Twitter and polythiest Twitter, and im just gonna lay out the thing I've noticed.

Athiests? You're arguments haven't changed since ancient rome. Flat out. Every athiest content creator makes variations on the *same sh!t*-

LMAO. The IRONY that the clip they claimed a copyright in... was the very one where I also called out The James Corden Show/@CBS on their future copyright claim

Obvi fighting it, but I love that the claimed content itself includes some of the arguments for why it's fair use

Never have I been more sad over not making a con than I am knowing there's no reasonable way I'll make Mystic South. @OceanKeltoi, @WolfTheRed, AND @acrowandthedead? Anyone who's going, do me a favor and show all three of them some support!

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Ocean Keltoi | Instagram | Patreon | Twitter | Videos

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