Odisha continues its long fight against witch-hunting

Witch Hunting in India

Awareness and sensitisation are key to eradicating the evil practice that has claimed 362 lives in eight years

For five years, Tribeni Sandha, 45, has done everything she can to return to her remote Gobarlundi village in Odisha’s Ganjam district. But a homecoming is still a far cry for her. For fellow villagers, she is a witch and can harm others.

“In 2017, we, three families in the Gobarlundi village, were paraded naked and forced to consume excreta of human and animals. A penalty of ₹2 lakh was imposed on each of us as penalty. As we could not pay the penalty, we were thrown out of the village. Since then, we have moved the State Human Rights Commission and knocked on the door of courts, but I cannot return [to the village],” said Ms. Sandha.

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