Pagan Nation for Influencers

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Clarke’s 3rd Law

Established world religions and philosophies spread via the printing press. The Gutenberg Bible was the first mass marketed books. Its content was dictated by it’s publisher, the Roman Catholic Church. In its infancy and adolescence, the modern pagan, heathen, and witchcraft movement was spread with the same tool. That meant it was spread with the same constraints and dictates by commercial publishers. The internet has changed that. Pagan Nation furthers that change and empowers today’s self made content creators.


Members of Pagan Nation share content the same way one shares on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. When I take note of an internet influencer or author, I create an ‘about page’, menu and applicable automation to retrieve and display content in accordance with the rules for each source. It just looks like magic (or piracy) because as a niche site, I can aggregate and display content better than the random sharing at broader social media services.

About Page – Pagan Nation identifies, reviews, and provides an ‘about page’ for today’s internet influencers and authors.

Influencer Menu – Starting with the ‘about page’, Pagan Nation creates a custom menu for each influencer. This menu promotes the influencer’s Patreon, Etsy, and other pages. It promotes the influencer’s videos, Twitter, and other content and feeds. This menu follows the influencer’s pages at Pagan Nation, so each page promotes these links.

YouTube Videos – In accordance with YouTube agreements, Pagan Nation shares influencer’s and author’s YouTube. Content creators allow 3rd party streaming from their settings at Youtube. The videos remain hosted at YouTube. Monetized content remains monetized. Commercial are still shown. Views remain counted.

Twitter Feeds – In accordance with Twitter agreements, Pagan Nation shares Twitter feeds which link back to Twitter.

Blog, News, and Other Feeds – In accordance with established practices, Pagan Nation shares syndicated feeds. Content creators control how their content is shared by how they syndicate the content.

Influencer & Author Involvement

Shares and automation are just the beginning of what Pagan Nation can do for influencers and authors. I can customize content, add links to your menu, connect with other social media. I am working on a way to provide full Word Press installs at I am here to listen to your ideas. In short, give me a chance and lets see if we can come up with symbiotic ideas. Join Pagan Nation, interact, participate and let me know how I can help you share more.