Pagan News and Feeds

As Google explains, syndicated feeds are a legitimate and useful tool for content creators to ask that their content be delivered elsewhere. When a blog or other content creator syndicates content, they are asking that the content be reposted.  Pagan Nation accepts, promotes and publishes syndicated news feeds, including our own. Often this comes from services like Feed Spot. When you view these items, Pagan Nation is functioning as a niche news aggregator. The content associated with these syndicated feeds is determined by the content creator and not Pagan Nation.

Combined Feeds – A combination of all feeds listed below in chronological order.

  • A Bad Witch’s Blog – A blog about paganism, witchcraft and the day-to-day experiences of a witch living in the UK.
  • Damh the Bard – Damh the Bard is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality and love of folk tradition is expressed through his pagan music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic tradition, his performances are both entertaining and educational, speaking directly to the heart, and never without a good splash of humor.
  • Dowsing for Divinity – Pagan Theology, Poetry, and Praxis
  • Druid’s Life – Pagan reflections from a Druid author – life, community, inspiration, health, hope, and radical change.
  • Druid Life with Nimue Brown – Druid Life is all about Pagan reflections from a Druid author – life, community, inspiration, health, hope, and radical change. Aside from this blog, I write all manner of things, I have a lot of published books to my name, and will try pretty much anything if it looks interesting.
  • Go Deeper – A Celtic spirituality site featuring unique oracle readings, guided meditations and a really good blog.
  • Hearth Moon Rising – Hearth Moon Rising is a priestess of the Goddess, ordained in the Dianic tradition and the Fellowship of Isis. She has been teaching magic for over 20 years.
  • Letter from Hardscrabble Creek – A Pagan writer’s blog by Chas S. Clifton.
  • Life With Trickster Gods – The idea of Life With Trickster Gods is to create a space where I discuss my Spirituality, as well as my current Path through three grades of the Order of Ovates, Bards, and Druids.
  • Magickal Cottage – As you wind your way up the path through Angels Grove to the door of my Magickal Cottage, lift the handle of the dragonfly knocker and let me know you are there. I’ll be happy to let you in. The kettle has just started to boil and tea will be brewing in just a moment. As we sit and chat I’ll share ancient knowledge that will help you create your own magickal life!
  • Moody Moons – A Celebration of the Seasons & the Spirit. Welcome to Moody Moon’s blog! I post tips, recipes, ritual ideas, pagan crafts and more ideas to live naturally, stay in touch with the Wheel of the Year, indulge your inner goddess and connect with your sacred self.
  • Naturalistic Paganism – Dedicated to amplifying the voices of and providing an online home for Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans who seek to integrate ritual and meditative practices with a mythic worldview based on the most current and compelling scientific evidence.
  • Natural Pagans – A group of Pagan bloggers who come from a variety of backgrounds, but who all practice a naturalistic approach to our spirituality. We celebrate the natural world in our paths, both through scientific evidence and through our personal relationships to the land.
  • Norse Mythology Blog – Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried is a writer on mythology and religion. A Norse mythologist and musician in Chicago, he is Adjunct Professor and Pagan Chaplain at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • Pagan Pages – PaganPages is a free, monthly, pagan community Emagazine. We feature Awesome Interviews, Great Reviews, and Amazing articles.
  • Pagan Song – The Crow Women are a women’s choir who sing about the cycles of the seasons, rites of passage, and goddesses and gods of the neopagan traditions. We are a womyn’s spirituality circle founded in 1992 and still going strong today. Many of the chants and songs on our albums were written for our own ceremonies and celebrations.
  • Witches & Pagans Feed – Witches & Pagans is a community blog space where Pagans can discuss topics relevant to the life and spiritual practice of all Pagans.
  • More soon…