A.J. Drew

A.J. Drew
A.J. Drew

A.J. Drew is the founder of Pagan Nation. Disgusted by pagan inaction and Wiccan enabling of sexual predators, I left public life for the hills of Kentucky. More than a decade later, I am still here in the hills with my critters. I am still the cantankerous fart I ever was, just got a bit older and lost a few more parts. But with this new generation of pagan folk coming of age, a lot has changed.

Today’s pagans seem to understand better their sacred role in the great work. A role which does not allow one to sit idle while our mother is raped. A role which views all living things, including humanity, as part of our mother. When she is raped, we are raped. Today’s pagans are standing against the rapists and marching against the true evil of this world. That evil being apathy.

Back in the day, I marched with the National Organization for Women. But I am not a woman. I marched for GLB rights before it needed so many letters. But I am not gay. I marched for the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws when I did not use marijuana. Today, due to missing parts, I can not march. But I can empower those who do. So I brought Pagan Nation back to life to support those of you who can.

Thank you. Thank you so much for taking on the challenge of defending our world from apathy.

“Gay, straight, black, white,
Same struggle. Same fight.
Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, Jew
There is just one world for me and you” – A.J. Drew

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