Bank – About

When we launched our participation economy, we gave Mr. PN Central ( our imaginary banker ) 1,000,000.00 PNCs. PNC is short for Pagan Nation Coins. They are not crypto. They are not worth anything. You can’t do anything with them. Not yet. We do have plans for future services which are paid for in PNC. But don’t worry. You do not have to buy them.

You earn PNC by participating. Every time you earn PNC, it comes out of PC Central’s account. Every time you spend PNCs, they go back into this that account. When the account is empty, it will not pay folk to participate untill coins flow back in. Sounds nutty right?

Yes it is goofy. It is more of an experiment than an economy. But if nothing else, it will be a fun way to build the place up. In that light, the PNC accounts PN Central and our top earners will be displayed on the Leader Board until the first 1,000,000.00 PNCs are distributed.

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