Content: Blacklist

Pagan Nation is a social media site with members who share content. Occasionally, content is shared which is not appropriate for this service. Other times the owner or other person(s) related to content asks that it be removed. So please consider this a blacklist of content, not people.

This list exists in the hopes to decrease the volume of time I have to spend removing inappropriate and unwelcome content. Please do not share content related to the following.

  • Aly Kravetz / BronxWitch – Removed at the request of Aly Kravetz. Please do not share or reference this person or brand.
  • Asatru Folk Assembly – In 2018, the Southern Poverty Law Center added the Asatru Folk Assembly to its list of hate groups, describing it as a “neo-Völkisch hate group”. Pagan Nation will not on any way condone, support, or promote hate groups.
  • Bonewits, Isaac – In respecting the wishes of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. (otherwise known simply as ADF) content created by Isaac Bonewits which is associated with ADF is not welcome due to accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor.
  • Church and School of Wicca – Pagan Nation will not in any way condone, support, or promote a church or school of Wicca whose founding traditions included the sexual initiation of minors.
  • Frost, Gavin or Yvonne – Pagan Nation will not in any way condone, support, or promote authors who once instructed that minors be sexually initiated into their rather bizarre tradition of Wicca.
  • Lora O’brien – By request of Lora O’brien, no content related to Lora O’brien may be shared.
  • Witches’ Cookery – By request of J. Yankowski on behalf of The witches’ cookery GmbH & The witches’ path UG, no content related to The Witches’ Cookery may be shared.

Thank you in advance for helping to decrease my work load. Pagan Nation is growing rapidly. Although members are a great help (thank you), the day to day operations, coding, and other tasks are taxing to this aging gimp hippy.

Blessed Be and Live Free,
A.J. Drew

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