“Empowering Pagan Influencers to Inspire Pagan Seekers” – Our Motto

Copyright law is confusing. Do you own the intellectual rights to a photo of yourself or does the photographer? Do you own the rights to an article you wrote or does its publisher? What about the video you posted? Our solution is not to argue. If you believe you own the copyright to material shared at Pagan Nation and would like it removed, simply contact us at: Admin@ThisDomain.Com where is our domain. We will remove the content and make the request public as a guide to our members concerning what not to share.

Influencers are often the victim of intellectual property violation. They have thousands of fans. Most often they acquired their following by being liberal with their intellectual property. To perpetuate that custom, Pagan Nation makes every effort to link content related to influencers back to the influencer. Where ever possible influencer photos, videos, and other shared content is displayed with a custom menu. That menu points viewers to the influencer’s social and commercial pages. Do you have an online store we missed? Did we miss a Patrion page? Let us know and we will include it. Pagan Nation exists to empower pagan influencers to inspire pagan seekers.

YouTube makes it possible and encourages sharing to increase traffic and revenue. From the Youtube control panel, content creators and contributors control where their videos are displayed. Youtube itself also controls how videos may be shared. If you believe someone is violating intellectual property rights with a YouTube or other video sharing site, please contact that service. We can certainly remove the content reference here, but we have no control over what streaming services do.

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