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“Empowering Pagan Influencers to Inspire Pagan Seekers” – Our Motto

Please, before contacting me with a copyright concern, read the article applicable to your concern. If an applicable article does not yet exist, with your email I will likely create one.

  • Feeds and Syndication – I was contacted by a lovely but angry young lady who complained that I was scrapping / stealing her blog articles in there entity. After a couple emails, I figured out what the problems were. She had her blogging platform set to syndicate much more than she wanted. Compounding the problem, her feed was not only included in a popular news reader site, it ranked high for our niche. I promptly removed the content from Pagan Nation, offered help with her feed settings, and invited her back when and if she wished.
  • YouTube Videos – Content creators put a lot of work into their videos. So when they see them apparently hosted here unexpectedly, they sometimes send demanding nasty grams. YouTube videos displayed on Pagan Nation are hosted in YouTube, streamed to your browser from YouTube, and displayed by the YouTube video player. They never touch the Pagan Nation server. If they are monetized they are still monetized. Commercials are shown, views are counted and the video gets more exposure. In fact, content creators can decide if 3rd party sites may or may not display their content.
  • Photos / Images – People love to share photos. It is so easy to download pictures that sometimes they share things they should not. If you find images on Pagan Nation that should not be, let me know. I will remove it and let the member know why it was removed.

Copyright law is confusing. Do you own the intellectual rights to a photo of yourself or does the photographer? Do you own the rights to an article you wrote or does its publisher? What about the video you posted? Our solution is not to argue. If you believe you own the copyright to material shared at Pagan Nation and would like it removed, simply contact us at: Admin@ThisDomain.Com where is our domain. I will remove the content and make the request public as a guide to our members concerning what not to share.

Please do not send nasty letters threatening law suits. Not only is there absolutely no need, I am a double amputee (right leg & left foot) moderate traumatic brain injury survivor who lives on less than $1,000.00 US per month from disability. I created most of Pagan Nation’s structure while still in the VA hospital and follow up rehab. In short, there would be nothing to get other than lawyer bills.

So if you have a copyright complaint, please just zip off a nice friendly email telling me what and where it is. I will reply with a nice friendly email back and we can all be nice and friendly together.

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