Content: Feeds & Syndication

As Google explains, syndicated feeds are a legitimate and useful tool for content creators to ask that their content be delivered elsewhere. When a blog or other content creator syndicates content, they are asking that the content be reposted.  Pagan Nation accepts, promotes and publishes syndicated news feeds, including our own. Often this comes from services like Feed Spot. When you view these items, Pagan Nation is functioning as a niche news aggregator. The content associated with these syndicated feeds is determined by the content creator and not Pagan Nation.

Feeds are a way for websites large and small to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers. Feeds permit subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or in some cases good old email. Feeds also make it possible for site content to be packaged into “widgets,” “gadgets,” mobile devices, and other bite-sized technologies that make it possible to display blogs, podcasts, and major news/sports/weather/whatever headlines just about anywhere.” – From Google’s Feed Burner

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