Write, Create, Share & Earn

They say work isn’t work when you love what you do. Back in the day, I loved writing. I made a modest living working with a few publishers before a traumatic brain injury (TBI) paused that career. You can find my books here. So I turned my hobby into a new career as a knife maker. That career was put on hold due to a double amputation. Right leg and left foot. Let me tell you, when they lob off a leg there is a lot of recovery time.

To occupy that time, I took to rebuilding what I walked away from after the TBI. Most of Pagan Nation II was created from a nursing home bed, stoned on various pharmaceuticals to manage pain, and listening to perscriptions, listening to Heilung, and wandering the internet for inspiration. I imagine my down time as a modern shamanic vision quest. Pagan Nation II is envisioned on what I learned on that vision quest. This is what I learned.

The pagan movement is no longer dependent on publishers. We now have self styled influencers who are not beholding to publishers. As a community, we are becoming more independent. I would very much like to further that independence. So Pagan Nation II is structured to do just that and will grow in that direction.

You are encouraged to include your Patreon, Etsy, Paypal, and similar information in the About section of your profile. That information is then shared with your profile picture at the bottom of your posts and shares. Will you earn a fortune from Pagan Nation II? Probably not. But as we grow, so will you. As we do, the modern pagan movement will become more and more organic and less and less structured by the dictates of corporate publishing houses.

Write, create, share and earn with Pagan Nation.

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