Howdy from South of a bunch of borders…

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      Therion Triformis
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      Hey folks.
      Not sure what to put here, because I’m not actually sure who I’m introducing myself to, or if I just need to update people. I’ll explain.

      In the previous Pagan Nation, I went by Fionn Blackdove, then later moderating under the moniker Obsidian Angel. After over a decade, it feels weird being here. Like stepping into the family home where you grew up, but the renovations have made it an entirely new place. In the previous incarnation of PN, I met the person that would give birth to my two daughters, Phoenix Lady. Fifteen years later, we’re still rolling together, although Phoenix has realised that they’re not as much a lady as previously assumed.

      As far as myself goes, I’m an trad witch (initiated in the early 2000’s), Autistic, stroke survivor, parent, and tarot reader. I’m stationed in South Australia with my nesting partner, Phoenix, and my two daughters. I also have a son but he lives with his mother, who is also all kinds of awesomeness(both mother and child are awesome).

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      A.J. Drew
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      Welcome back.

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