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2021: A Teaching Year! (Year in Review)

Looking back at 2021 and the highlights shared in this video in particular, there were a lot of teaching opportunities for me in 2021. I started student teaching, worked as a mentor, answered questions or otherwise participated in various students’ research, and started working with multiple other groups in a way that involves me teaching some things. Of course that teaching will continue into the future, and so will learning (which I never stop doing), but I think “a teaching year” is a fairly good overview phrase for me for 2021, and something great to focus on amidst the rest. Happy New Year!

0:00 – Another year in review!
2:10 – January
4:56 – February
6:28 – March
7:55 – April
9:13 – May
11:48 – June
13:03 – July
17:24 – August
19:56 – September
24:24 – October
27:55 – November
30:44 – December
35:19 – Looking ahead


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