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This week’s topic: from k s
— “ (Taken from my post on a facebook group.)
“How much of the fear and distrust from non-Pagans stems from preconceived notions, and how much is caused by our own community?
I was just part of a heated debate in another facebook group. A user asked for a love spell to cast on a man she was in love with so he would reciprocate the feelings. When a few of us told her it’s wrong to interfere with another person’s free will, we were attacked by many of the members, including admins, who told us it was none of our business and to butt out.
Some of the “spells” offered in response were quite disturbing, including feeding him food with her blood in it.
This made me think a lot, both about ethical issues and possible repercussions. We’re not being persecuted in the western world at the moment. But if someone who already has a distrust of pagans and witches discovers someone doing this, and word gets around, who is to say that our practices won’t be outlawed and we won’t be targeted again?”
There are several directions you guys could choose to go in if you use this. What is morally acceptable? What is legally acceptable? How much of the fear and distrust we receive is caused by us and those among us? etc.
I could also add some of the comments from the original post and responses of the love spell, if you want me to.
Thanks for this channel; you guys are great. ”

So how big is the kernel of truth at the center of the negative stereotypes about our community? Are there people in the community actually doing the things that make people think badly of us, and that the rest of us tell people aren’t real things we do but more like things people put in TV and movies?
Well, clearly there are people either doing it, or saying they do. I don’t think we can know how much is stereotype being based on the people actually doing the things, and how much is people wanting to embrace negative or scary stereotypes. It goes both ways.
I can only ever speak to my experience and those I know/work with. I can’t know without knowing a person. Even things said online can’t be confirmed without knowing them. I can share what I’ve heard, but what I’ve heard isn’t the same as what I know. Thanks for watching!

More about the Rede: I’ve done other videos about this in the past, on my channel or on this collab. I spoke about the Rede generally in this video, but there is definitely a lot more discussion one could have about it. I mentioned “what constitutes harm?” but there is also the aspect of self-defense, which I did not touch on here! So just bear in mind this is a general mention as it pertains to this topic, not everything there is to know about the Rede. =)

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