3 Hours of Dark Folk – Shamanic – Norse Music by Munknörr

Three hours of Atmospheric Dark Folk – Shamanic – Norse Music.
Join us in this musical journey to ancient times ♪♪


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Bandcamp: https://munknorr.bandcamp.com/album/eikthyrnir
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/5DvF4imOZn0BYjTtC7XSOl
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00:00 Deyja
06:48 Ansuz
13:00 Ostara
18:13 Nátta
25:28 Fylgja
32:01 Uruz
38:24 Odin
42:22 Andleg Umbreyiting
46:48 Sigel
53:02 Vindferð
58:57 Teiwaz
1:05:13 The Gods
1:09:30 Völva
1:13:36 Vinland
1:19:30 Cernunnos

1:24:15 Andi
1:31:56 Heidimdomr
1:35:46 Eihwaz
1:42:05 Spyrja
1:46:59 Eldr
1:50:57 Amarok
1:55:09 Perth (Ft Sigurboði Grétarsson)
2:01:18 Heimdallr
2:07:38 Laguz
2:13:53 Jötunheim
2:18:04 Thurisaz
2:21:58 Ekthyrnir
2:27:16 Othila
2:31:52 Einherjer

2:34:41 Raido
2:38:47 Nauthiz
2:46:07 Isa
2:53:03 Dagaz
2:57:52 Hagalaz

Thank you for the listening! If you like my music please subscribe to my channel for more! I really appreciate all of you for listening, sharing, commenting and rating. Composed and produced by Damián Schneider Music usage info: You can use my music freely for Non Commercial and Non Profit videos, games, etc. as long as you give me visible credit as the composer and add a link to my Youtube channel. For commercial purposes: Please direct any business related offer to: inxound@gmail.com

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Posted on February 3, 2021 by A.J. Drew

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