6 Minutes of Witchcraft with Laura Tempest Zakroff: Beginners, Seekers, & Sandboxes

In this video I talk about what I perceive is the difference between beginners and seekers, and why I’m not so sure that “Weave the Liminal” is a book I’d recommend for an absolute beginner.

Special appearance by Princess Grace.

Also, I forgot to set the timer….so it’s a 10 minute-long six minutes 😉

Note: Cooking, Ceramics, Jewelry-making – these are all forms of art/craft that can be incredibly refined and practiced on a professional level – but they’re also seen as activities that are fun to “try out” and explore. Like the “wine and sip painting” parties – I’m a professional artist (largely a painter) – and some folks who do the wine and sip painting parties discover art-making and seriously fall in love with it. But most folks just have a lot of fun doing it on occasion and don’t take it to the next level. That’s what I mean.

Posted on November 12, 2019 by A.J. Drew
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