[9:10] Magical Consequences

Moonstone Mama – Fearing Negative Consequences
“ I would like to contribute a topic ^^ It’s something that hasn’t sat right with me for quite a while. I’ve noticed that a lot of older members of the pagan/witch comm are very passive in their ways (particularly in my country). And they’re kind of paranoid and scared too. To the point where they’re evenafraid to perform protective spells, in fear of the possible “negative consequences”. They generally believe that if someone is hurting you, you should do absolutely nothing. Because the universe/three-fold law will sort things out for you. And that you would lower yourself to their level, if you would put up any type of defenses or protection. I personally don’t believe that the universe works that way. And I find it quite toxic to feed into such an attitude. I believe that Magick is there to give back power, to those who were once powerless. I’d like to know what your opinions are on this. ” .
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