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A Spell of Transformation — Witchy Tips with Ariel

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A Spell of Transformation — Witchy Tips with Ariel

Don’t reverse the energy; clean it up and use it!

Spell of Transformation

Items needed:
4 candles: Black, Red, White, and 1 in the color representing your desire.
Sea salt
Vegetable oil with a pinch of salt mixed in
Lavender perfume or essential oil
Nail or other sharp implement for carving symbols into the candle wax
Large sheet of black paper with a triangle drawn in white pencil or chalk.

00:01:28 – Place the candles inside the triangle as shown

00:01:37 – Using the nail, carve into the black candle the symbol for the planet Saturn while thinking about any negativity you are experiencing such as restriction, hatred, pain, fear, etc while.

00:02:12 – Carve into the red candle the symbol for the planet mars while thinking about any anger, fighting, violence, scattered thoughts, racing thoughts, etc.

00:02:39 – Carve the symbol of the Moon into the white candle while thinking about the power to change.

00:03:00 – Carve a symbol for that which you desire in the purpose candle. Think about what you want.

00:03:16 – Anoint each candle in the same order (black, red, white and purpose) using the oil and salt.

00:04:46 – Spend five minutes thinking about what you want, then snuff out the candles.

00:05:26 – Nightly, repeat the candle lighting and until the candles have burned down and out by themselves.

Music: “Finding A Dream” by Lishuid

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Posted on January 23, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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