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A Witch’s Dance of Healing – Inspired Taranta

A friend had shared with me the video of a woman dancing in a piazza in Italy – not only was the footage beautiful and haunting, but I became somewhat obsessed with the song she danced to. After some searching, I found it was a version of “Taranta” by Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino. ( and they have a channel here on youtube). The song stole my heart and I have been playing it practically nonstop.

A translation of some of the lyrics:
if it’s taranta don’t abandon me
if you dance alone you cannot heal

if it’s taranta let her dance
if it’s melancholy throw it out

In my 20+ years of dancing, I have studied many kinds of North African and Mediterranean folkloric dances – and my deepest love are the great variety of trance dances. This includes the family of folk dances from Southern Italy – where some of my family is originally from. My style has evolved over the years to something outside of labels, perhaps best described as mythic dance artistry – pulling from the many styles I have studied.

Dance has incredible healing power, and I felt driven (inspired is too soft a word) to dance this song and hope it shares some healing with you as well. This was entirely improvised in the moment (not choreographed).

Posted on May 9, 2020 by A.J. Drew
Shared by: A.J. Drew

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