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A Witch’s Primer: Lesson 18: Introduction to Divination – Learn Witchcraft

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Lesson 18 – Introduction to Divination
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:02:40 – Q & A
00:17:27 – Introduction to Divination
00:21:00 – Introduction to Scrying
00:22:40 – Steps to follow
00:23:25 – Advice
00:23:50 – Divination Methods
00:23:50 – Tarot:
00:25:53 – Tea Leaves/Coffee Grounds
00:26:12 – Pendulums
00:27:25 – Sand
00:27:44 – Water/Candle Wax
00:28:12 – Fire of Azrael
00:29:00 – Magic Mirror
00:30:21 – Crystal Ball
00:31:21 – Light for scrying
00:32:15 – Conclusion

What is A Witch’s Primer?

A Witch’s Primer is a popular self-study basic training in “Non-Denominational Witchcraft.”

If you desire to learn how to become a witch, then this tried and true 18-week audio course is an ideal place to start!

Learn witchcraft from Ariel Gatoga, just as scores of successful witches have done for years.

A Witch’s Primer is completely free of charge.

Note: These are vintage recordings of an old podcast. The websites and forums mentioned in the podcast are not valid. You can join our Facebook group and get any support materials and ask questions there!

These lessons are intended to be taken in order, one per week. This is a course in Witchcraft for beginners, but many of us who have been at it for years like to come back and do the lessons again from time to time to keep our skills strong.

Music: “Undines” by Ariel Gatoga

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Everything that is offered on this channel is based on traditional methods. Nothing on this channel is intended to offer or replace professional medical care, professional legal advice, or professional financial advice. All material is for your own enrichment. Ariel’s Corner bears no responsibility whatsoever in your use of these materials.

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