Beltaine’s Fire @ the Laurel Solstice Festival, 2011. Full Set, unedited.

tracks are: Left Coast (1:20), Speed & Adrenalin (5:31), Supersized (8:37), Quit my Job (13:50), low (18:52), bard, poet, rapper, scribe (25:08), Crime & Punishment (30:00), I’m an Anarchist (34:03)

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This is the full, unedited video from Beltaine’s Fire playing at the 2011 Laurel Summer Solstice festival in Oakland, California. Band members are Lynx T’Chass (aka Emcee Lynx) on vocals, Laura Noel on bass, John Dougal on electric banjo, and Cadence Myles on Drums. Songs are all original, mostly from the bands upcoming third album: Anarchitecture.

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