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EIHWAZ rune: meaning, interpretation, symbolism and chanting

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This video is a great tool to use to understand the profound meaning of the rune EIHWAZ, and its meaning in Norse Witchcraft.

Eihwaz shows us the way back to the Gods and it is indeed a rune of sorcery rather than divination.

The video offers also a galdr, yoik, chanting of the Eihwaz, as always these chants are very personal, and derive from me spending time with the energy of the rune in order to capture its main sound pattern…..which gets then transformed into a yoik, which is a chant that carries the energy signature of what you are singing about.

Make yourself comfortable and let´s have this amazning storyteller, Eihwaz, telling us about the Road to the Gods.

All my love


Posted on January 9, 2022 by A.J. Drew
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