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Freya Aswynn lecture part 1 (Sept 2009)

Freya Aswynn is a key figure in the latest renaissance in rune magic and germanic-inspired mystery practices. She shot to fame with the publication of The Leaves of Yggdrasil and her debut album Fruits of Yggdrasil in the late 1980s, and through the 1990s, living in London, she developed and disseminated her work with a tenacity that took the whole of Britain by storm. She published and worked experientially in a potent, individualised practice of female-empowered Asatru. Few people, indeed few female magicians of any era, can have been as influential as she was on the preoccupations of a community. In some sense, one could say she has been to the Runes what Timothy Leary was to LSD. Freya Aswynn now lives in Spain, she appeared at Treadwell’s for one night only. Those who have met her will know she emanates pride, intensity, intelligence and utter conviction. She was interviewed by Christina Oakley Harrington, who invited her to talk about her vision of the runes, her feelings about female magical power, and about the values of her spiritual path. Questions from the audience were taken too, at this rare audience with a living legend.

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