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Gay Vikings? Aran and Asmund: Best of Friends or Something More?

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Further Vids:
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The Draugr Story of Aran and Asmund: https://youtu.be/yiJ7t26kYBk
Bias in the Norse Sources: https://youtu.be/L6uYidxAmPM
Atheism among the Vikings: https://youtu.be/pNQMNg7LQnA

Further Reading
– Both accounts of Aran’s Draugr are compiled in The Penguin Book of the Undead
– Saxo Grammaticus – History of the Danes (book five)
– The Icelandic Saga is The Saga of Egil the One Handed and Asmund the Berserker Killer is contained in the Penguin publication of Seven Viking Romances as Egil and Asmund
– More info on Queer History among the Norse can be found in: Queer Vikings? Transgression of Gender and Same-Sex Encounters in the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Scandinavia by Sami Raninen

Shoutout to the discord members Jael, Comrade, Rae, Aalie for bouncing ideas around with me and helping me find supporting sources for this project, and to all of you who commented on the last video asking this question.

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Perspective & Bias
04:08 – Historians Are Always Confused
06:10 – Ergi
10:39 – Asmund & Aran: Bestest Tombmates
19:59 – Saxo’s Tombmates

music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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