Golden Horns of Gallehus

On the 20th of July, in 1639, in the village of Gallehus near the town of Møgeltønder in Southern Denmark. A poor Danish woman by the name of Kirsten Svendsdatter was on her way into the town to sell her lace when she suddenly stumbled over something on the ground.

At first, she thought it was just a tree root sticking out from the ground, but at a closer look, she could see there was something shining underneath the dirt. She reached out for it and pulled it out of the ground. She sat down on the ground and started turning it around in her hands while brushing the dirt off, she realized that she had just discovered something extraordinary, a long golden horn that was worth more then what she could make in her entire lifetime.

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The Galdrabók: An Icelandic book of magic

The Golden Horns by Finn Rasmussen

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