Heilung Talks Bringing Rituals Across America and Expressing Their Art

Ghost Cult was honored to interivew Maria and Chris from Heilung at the Moxy Hotel in New York City, as they wound up their amazing North American tour, where they performed their ritual nightly! We chatted about the rise of the band, their beginnings and how they came together, what kind of practice and preparation goes into creating their instruments and garb, the theatrical basis for Heilung live rituals, how they approach creating music, how Heilung is really their lifestyle, not a concert or shows as a normal band would, why Metal fans, in particular, are drawn to them, how to become a “warrior” when they come to your town, and much more! They even gave us a prop from their tour at the end of the chat, which was awesome (pictured in our thumbnail)! Thanks to Season of Mist for hooking it up! Interview with Keefy (www.instagram.com/ghostcultkeefy), and editing by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography (www.instagram.com/OJCPICS), with A/V help from Jason Dean (www.instagram.com/bunnysyn_photography). Theme music by Salted Wounds (www.instagram.com/saltedwoundsnyc).

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Check out Ghost Cult’s review of Heilung in NYC:

Check out Moxy Hotels for an amazing experience: https://moxy-hotels.marriott.com/

Become a Heilung warrior when they come to your town!
Email them! heilungwarrior@gmail.com

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