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My dear friends, this video has been requested by my beloved Patron Michael Watkins, and I have to be honest, this request in the unsettling era of back to nature apps and video games and our current situation here in Norway with the development of wind turbine plans hitting the Sami reindeer husbandry areas particularly hard…felt like the perfect time for me to speak up!
As a person living on Sami ancestral land, known as Sápmi, I REFUSE to see how all these bits and pieces are literally eating up the land, our land, what the wider society would call *wilderness* which is the very ground we, the reindeer and all animals living here and the ancestors walk and honour everyday.
Both in the Constitution and in several international conventions, Norway has committed itself to preserving the natural basis for Sami culture, and this must be given greater weight in matters concerning wind power development.
Writing this video has felt like drawing a painting, the more colours I added to more my soul was telling me…. don’t stop…add more…open your heart and let people know how you honestly feel about the modern use of technology and how we can recuperate a balance when it comes to that.
So I hope you will dim down the lights, grab a blankie and come with me on this long journey leading to us feeling again our heartbeat beating at once with the land and its beings.
We will laugh together, we will cry together…we will get to the end of it and take off the blindfold for good.
Nei til vindkraft i Sápmi
Ja til natur og reindrift
May this prayer circle in the air
From blood to bones
From bones to earth
From earth to stone
Nei til vindkraft i Sápmi
Ja til natur og reindrift

The video starts with my fave swedish lullaby

(swe) morgonen gryr
(eng) the morning dawns

(swe) de djupa skogarna tystnar
(eng) the deep forests fall silent

(swe) natthimlen glittrar
(eng) the night sky glitters

(swe) dimman ligger tät
(eng) the fog is dense.

I love you.

Posted on September 10, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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