How to Do a Honey Jar Spell for Love – Candle Magic Class with Madame Pamita

How to Do a Honey Jar Spell for Love
Candle Magic Class with Madame Pamita

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This is a traditional Honey Jar spell used to sweeten someone’s feelings.

This honey jar spell is often used for love (to get someone who is lukewarm to love you, for example) but can also be used for friendship, to get a boss to think more positively toward you, to get your family to treat you more kindly, to get a judge to look on you favorably or to make your neighbors nicer.

Check out my other video showing in detail how to create a traditional petition paper for a honey jar spell.

What you will need for this spell:

A jar of honey
Petition Paper
Herbs for love such as Lovage, Southern John, and Spikenard
A spoon
A small candle
Condition oil such as Love Me, Bewitching, Attraction or Come to Me oil.
And for love work – a piece of your hair and a piece of hair of your beloved

If you want to do this for love work and don’t have a piece of your target’s hair, please read my article on Personal Concerns on my website:


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