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Lesson 2B — Witchcraft Beyond the Basics with Ariel Gatoga

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This course was designed to be taken in order, one week at a time. To access the entire course, free of charge (including all the handouts) go to my website at

Week Two- Second Lecture
(be sure to listen to the first lecture of this week too)

Witchcraft Beyond the Basics (WBB) lasts six weeks and picks up where A Witch’s Primer left off.

This is a course in practical magic with little to no religious emphasis taught. You will be working on honing your skills to actually make magic work for you reliably.

WBB focuses on bringing actual goals into manifestation, using spell-work based on Hermetic Laws, earth magic, planetary magic, and elemental magic.

It is highly recommended that you have completed A Witch’s Primer prior to taking this course, although it is not mandatory.

Each class builds on the previous class and was designed to be taken in order.

The course was originally given live, online, and recorded, therefore there are also some live question and answer sessions with participants that you will find helpful.

Work one class per week, over a six-week period.

Our magical work in this course begins with banishing; therefore, the class was originally given just after the full moon, and all the subsequent classes were structured around that lunar phase. You may want to also begin this course around the full moon so that you can follow along with us.

This course uses both deep mental and emotional magical techniques along with more technical magical knowledge to assist you in creating balanced and powerful results in your life.

The crux of each class is the recorded lectures. You can listen to these talks over and over again in order to understand the magical theory and practice that is being discussed each week. There are also handouts for you to download to complement each class and print out to include in your own notebooks, or BOS. These can be accessed through the free forum on my website at

Each class has specific homework assignments that should be completed during the week. There is also an online discussion forum to support participants in this and all the courses at Ariel’s Corner.

Each class has at least one separate high-quality audio meditation that can be downloaded and listened to in order to enhance the material presented, or at any time you desire to use the meditations on your own.

Music: “Wishing Well” by Jon Björk

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Everything that is offered on this channel is based on traditional methods. Nothing on this channel is intended to offer or replace professional medical care, professional legal advice, or professional financial advice. All material is for your own enrichment. Ariel’s Corner bears no responsibility whatsoever in your use of these materials.

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