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libra 2019 forecast // yearly horoscope // maren altman

here is the year-ahead astrology forecast horoscope for 2019 for Libra Risings. i recommend watching from the point of view of your Ascendant/Rising, though watching the video for your Sun (especially if you were born during the daytime) or Moon sign (especially if you were born during the nighttime) can also be helpful.

the alignments mentioned:

Whole year until December – Jupiter in 3rd H (Sag)
Whole year – Saturn in 4th H (Cap)
Whole year – Pluto in 4th H (Cap)
Whole Year beginning in Spring – Uranus in Taurus in 8th
Jan 31 + June 16 + Sept 21 – Jupiter in 3rd square Neptune in 6th
Jan 5 – Solar Eclipse in 4th H (Capricorn)
Jan 21 – Lunar Eclipse in 11th H (Leo)
March 5-28 – Mercury Retrograde in 6th H (Pisces)
Jul 2 – Solar Eclipse in 10th H (Cancer)
Jul 7 – Mercury Retrograde in 11th H (Leo)
Jul 16 – Lunar Eclipse in 4th H (Cap)
Oct 4 – Mars into 1st H (Libra)
Oct 31 – Mercury Retrograde in 2nd H (Scorpio)
Dec 26 – Solar Eclipse in 4th H (Cap)

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Posted on December 19, 2018 by A.J. Drew
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