Meditation Music by Munknörr – The Beat of the Earth -[Shamanic , Spiritual , Relaxing, Healing]

While we work in the new album we wanted to make something different , and according to the needs of the moment ,in these changing times, so we made a song for meditation called The Beat of the Earth and we looped it .
We need to connect more with nature , listen to it , repect it , because that is the way we will feel better with ourselves too.
The song will be available too without the loop in all digital stores.

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Thank you for the listening! If you like my music please subscribe to my channel for more! I really appreciate all of you for listening, sharing, commenting and rating. Composed and produced by Damián Schneider .
Music usage info: You can use my music freely for Non Commercial and Non Profit videos, games, etc. as long as you give me visible credit as the composer and add a link to my Youtube channel. For commercial purposes: Please direct any business related offer to:

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