Münknorr -Aegishjalmur[Full Album]

Aegishjalmur – 30 minutes of Nordic and Celtic Pagan Music

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 1. Völva 0:00
2. Heidindomr 4:08
3. Blót 8:03
4. Cernunnos 11:33
5. The Gods 17:26
6. Jötunheim 21:45
7. Einherjer 26:04

Thanks to Erick Jardon (Staerk Ulv) for helping me with the Aeghisjalmur.

Thank you for the listening! If you like my music please subscribe to my channel for more! I really appreciate all of you for listening, sharing, commenting and rating. Composed and produced by Damián Schneider Music usage info: You can use my music freely for Non Commercial and Non Profit videos, games, etc. as long as you give me visible credit as the composer and add a link to my Youtube channel. For commercial purposes: Please direct any business related offer to: inxound@gmail.com

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