Munknörr – Rúnaákall (Full album 2019)

“Rúnaákall” its related to the runes like “Futharuna”, and each rune has a different vibe according to what it represents to us and what it represented to the Nordic , Germanic people.
The album also its about shamanism ,nature ,and magic, a shamanic view of the meaning of the runes.
We express in the form of music what we feel and understand about nature in a primitive,tribal and ritualistic way.



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Aethelwyne channel:

1 Munknörr – Nauthiz 00:00
2 Munknörr – Perth 07:24
(Feat Sigurbodi)
3 Munknörr – Eihwaz 13:32
4 Munknörr – Sigel 19:56
5 Munknörr – Othila 26:12
6 Munknörr – Isa 30:52

Bonus track
Dísablot(Feat Sigurbodi) 37:53

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Composed and produced by Damián Schneider and Aethelwyne

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