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Never in my life I would have thought to get to know a baby reindeer, as they are wild animals and very shy. Olaf the baby reindeer got rescued from the tundra by my Sami friends Nina and Per Ole, his mom died. He is such a happy little guy, he is doing great and our friends will reintroduce him to their reindeer and the wilderness of the tundra in not so long. Olaf is their reindeer, the mother belonged to them. Not only his personality is so sparkly and funny but he introduced me to the reindeer baby smell which i cannot find words to describe! The best smell I have ever smelled!
Hope you will enjoy this vlog as much as we loved filming it!
This video offers a stunning galdr/joik performed in a real Sami Gamme house, this is the joik I gifted to Olaf the baby reindeer, in Sami spirituality gifting a joik to somebody is the most precious gift ever!
Enjoy xx

Posted on June 13, 2020 by A.J. Drew
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