Omnia (Official) – Earth Warrior

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“There’s a WAR on NATURE, and we can all choose what to do… So if YOU feel like I feel the love of the Earth… well YOU can be an EARTH WARRIOR too!”

This video production was made as a 100% non-profit Musick/Artistic and Environmental statement by OMNIA together with their Fans and Enviromental Eco-warriors from all around the globe!

Written, performed, directed and produced by OMNIA: the independent band of Musical Earth-Warriors who created the “PaganFolk” genre: Pure acoustic Earth-Musick that gives a voice to Nature!

Listen to it, enjoy it and SHARE this musical message with as many human-monkeys as possible! …. and then get Monkey-Wrenching!

music and lyrics: SteveSic and Jenny Evans van der Harten
camera and editing: Erwin van Dijck
all music & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2013

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