Omnia (Official) – USA Roadtrip July 2014 (Noodle the Poodle)

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OMNIA and Noodle the Poodle in the USA!!

Because so many of you are very interested in what we do on tour, and because we like to give YOU what you ask for..
Here is a short impression of what we did this july 2014 on our second trip to Faerieworlds festival in Oregon,USA.
Filmed and edited by Daphyd the Crow…
assisted by Sic the Raven
Greenthingzzzz and Enjoy!

The Big Black Bird Brothers 😉

All Pictures by OMNIA
OMNIA at Faerieworlds 2014 photos used by the kind permission of Faerieworlds LLC
© 2014 Faerieworlds LLC Photography by Byron Dazey.

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