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This is a simple Irish prayer to say to the M贸rr铆gan (the Irish Goddess Morrigan) at sunset each night, wherever you are in the world. Our prayer to the Morrigan is adapted from a traditional Irish prayer – full info here –

The M贸rr铆gan – 5 Day Devotional
Free email series five day challenge, designed by Lora O’Brien at the Irish Pagan School. Each day, you will receive an email including a short piece of devotional text to study, meditate, pray and sleep on. The following morning you will use the provided prompts to Journal and (if you would like to) share your experience in the Irish Pagan School student group on Facebook.


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The M贸rr铆gan – My Top 13 Reliable Resources Recommendations!
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— Modern (Pagan) Books
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