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Preparing for Samhain | The Steps I’m taking to Purify & Protect my Home After Haunting | And a Q&A

I feel like things are finally starting to get back on track after all the haunting business and so today I wanted to combine two videos to share with you – a Q&A plus what I’ve been doing to purify and protect my home especially in preparation for Samhain.

The Haunting Video:

Timestamps of Questions:
00:00 Intro
04:30 Have you gone back to the antique store to ask if they had any history of the table?
05:26 Do you think you will expand your knowledge and practice in light of recent events?
06:25 Not related to the table but any advice for getting into herbalism
07:28 Will we ever get to meet your girlfriend?
08:12 Did your girlfriend know you were a witch before you started dating? Or is that something that you had to address into the relationship?
08:57 How did you find witchy friends?
09:32 I’d love to know what type of simple spells you like to do best?
10:12 What is your favorite way to get to know your plant allies?
11:53 What are your favorite house plants?
12:36 Tell us about your new tattoos! Any special meaning behind them?
15:39 How has living in Washington changed your practice? Also do you do any form of divination – I forgot to answer the second part! I do practice tarot occasionally and I’ve been experimenting more with rune stones as well
16:53 Do you favor a certain editing software?

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all music from
In This Sphere – Francis Wells
A Thousand Moons Ago – Johannes Bornlof
She Awaits you – David Celeste
Tranquility Sphere – Francis Wells
The Wind in Her Hair – David Celeste
Like Leaves of a Lotus – Francis Wells
Unpainted Canvas – David Celeste
All That You Will Be – Gavin Luke
Walk Tall – Johannes Bornlof

•My name is Annabel Margaret though most people just call me Annie
•I am currently living in Washington
•I am fully self employed as an artist and videographer

Posted on October 29, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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