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Raphael’s Good Health Talisman – Angel Magic with Ariel Gatoga

Raphael’s Good Health Talisman – Angel Magic with Ariel Gatoga

Please see the Basic Angel Magic course (BAM) a free 6-lesson course in beginning angel magic: for more information on working with Angels.

Please be sure you always check with a licensed physician regarding any and all health-related concerns.

This spell is best performed on a Wednesday during the waxing moon, but need always supersedes timing.

Materials needed:
Pencil or pen (purple)
Piece of yellow paper or card
Perfume of Mercury (oil or spray)
Herbs of Mercury
(note: if you use an oil of Mercury rather than a spray perfume, you may want to also burn some Mercury incense–spray perfumes negate the need for burning incense).

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:37 – Cut a square of yellow paper or card and mark a dot in the center of page.
00:00:44 – Draw a 4″ circle and then another circle, and then a 5″ circle outside of that
00:01:05 – With a protractor, mark eight points around the circle 45° apart.
00:001:30 – Line ruler up with middle point and each point around circle, bringing each in to the middle circle.
00:02:09 – Using a ruler and a purple pen or pencil, draw the eight pointed star as demonstrated.
00:02:41 – Using purple, darken all the lines you have drawn, including the circles.
00:03:15 – Draw double lines at the cross quarterly points between the two circles, separating the circles in to four sections as shown.
00:03:24 – In either Hebrew or English script, write the holy name ELOHIM TZABAOTH in each of the four sections of the circle as shown.
00:03:53 – In the center of the star draw the symbol for Mercury, and in each of the points of the star alternately draw the symbols for Virgo and Gemini.
00:04:20 – Carefully cut the talisman out making sure not to cut into the circle.
00:04:37 – On the reverse side of the talisman, write your petition in Theban script.
00:05:05 – Using any perfume or oil of Mercury, anoint the talisman you may also wave the talisman through the smoke of Mercury incense (note if you use a spray perfume incense is not necessary).
00:05:13 – Sprinkle any Mercury herbs onto the circle of the talisman (I’m using a blend called “Herbs of Provence” that is available at most grocery stores).
00:05:23 – Anoint a yellow candle with some vegetable oil into which you have mixed a pinch of salt, place it into its holder. Place the candle in the center of the talisman and light it.
00:05:49 – Take about five minutes and visualize your desire, being sure to conjure the emotions that you will experience once your healing has occurred.
00:06:11 – Once the candle has burned down and out, carefully take the talisman and sprinkle the herbs just outside your front door. Hide the talisman somewhere in your home. Once your healing has occurred, rip the talisman up and throw it away.
00:06:28 – Closing

Music: “Night Night” by Blonde Skies

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Everything that is offered on this channel is based on traditional methods. Nothing on this channel is intended to offer or replace professional medical care, professional legal advice, or professional financial advice. All material is for your own enrichment. Ariel’s Corner bears no responsibility whatsoever in your use of these materials.

Posted on April 13, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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